Okinawa Tourism Information:Evenafterreturningfromthetrip,youcanstillseethatmomentinOkinawa!Candlesoffeuwaxarelikeatreasurebox.

Even after returning from the trip, you can still see that moment in Okinawa! Candles of feu wax are like a treasure box.

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“Nature of the southern island,” which is a concept of candles of feu wax.  Ocean, sky, and greenery!  The candles which are like copies of colors, shapes and touch created by the nature of Miyako Island, are as if they were packed with all the elements that we can feel with our five senses. 

“When you settle down on the island to start living, you find colors different every day.”

Taisuke san and Yuki san, who moved from Hokkaido and Tokyo respectively to Miyako Island and started making candles, told me that as they nodded to each other. 

Especially I love gradually-changing colors of before the sunrise and about one hour after the sunrise as well as when the sun starts going down and about one hour after the sunset. 

“When we started making candles, we used synthetic perform.  But we often felt sick, so we decided to use essential oil.”  They are really natural-oriented not only to colors but also to making things.  Their style of making candles comes from a close relationship between nature and people. 

Basic lines of products are Island Sea, Island Sunset, Island Sand, Island Fruit, and Island Night, which is called “Island Series.” You can enjoy five different sceneries including the sun-lit sea of Miyako Blue, the sky dyed with red evening sun, which tells the end of a day, a brightly-colored, ripen tropical fruit, etc.   

The image of great nature of Miyako which is recreated by colors and fragrance, makes me think that just lighting a candle will take me to the fascinating world of Okinawa.  As each candle is blended with three fragrances of essential oil such as “Iran Iran”, “Geranium”, “Tea Tree”, etc., so you can enjoy deep, multi-layered fragrance. 

I would recommend Natural Series, which made using 100% soy wax from soybeans.  The candle is scented with essential oil and put in jam bottles, so it is easy to carry and you can enjoy it while traveling. 

In addition, custom-made candles are available.  You can ask them to create your original candle with colors, size, and fragrance you like.  Why don’t you pack the comfortable atmosphere you enjoyed during the trip to Miyako in a candle to take home with you?  If you have time for a workshop for making candles, it would be also recommended.  It takes about 2 hours to make one candle for 2,500 yen or higher.  *Prior reservation is required.

When you finish using a candle, you can reuse it as a candle holder or a planter cover.   

The candles of feu wax not only shine light into darkness but also is like a treasure box which makes you savor a rich atmosphere of Miyako Island.  When you would like to reset the button of your stress caused from busy life or human relationship, put out lights and light your candle.  While listening to quiet music in a dim light or enjoying your favorite liquor as you watch the flare, you can enjoy an extraordinary time as if you were traveling even at home. 

A candle comes with two pieces of coral.  One is attached to a wrapping string.  Please use it for putting out a light.  Another one is inside of the candle, hidden at the bottom.  This piece is a gift from Taisuke san and Yuki san.  You will be happy with their kind consideration for you to take home a good memory from the island.

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Address: 771-2-101 Hirara Higashi Nakasone, Miyako-jima City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-72-6144
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Closed on Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Nobuya Fukuda