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Okinawa CLIP Movie Haraiso

post : 2015.09.10 19:00

“Haraiso” is a gallery & craft shop located in Akebono, Ishikawa in Uruma City.

The shop exhibits and sell wares, glass wares, accessories, fine arts, etc. mainly of artists working in Uruma City, Okinawa.  The owner, Kono-san selected fresh, tasteful craftworks.  In addition to the permanent exhibit, a space for limited-time exhibit is available. 

“Haraiso” is situated in a talked-about area where many popular cafés are lined up nearby.  It is nice that you can stop by the shop after lunch or tea time.

1-9-24 #137 Akebono, Ishikawa, Uruma City


Movie Writer  Ouji Ogawa