Okinawa Tourism Information:ASeasideAccommodation“Asahiya”SurroundedbyGreatNature!Ocean,River,andWaterfall!

A Seaside Accommodation “Asahiya” Surrounded by Great Nature! Ocean, River, and Waterfall!

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Along the coast a little down south from Cape Hedo at the tip of the northern part of mainland Okinawa, there is an accommodation called “Asahiya,” where you get to feel and experience deep nature in the back country of Yanbaru, where you can find signs of Yanbarukuina (Okinawan rail) here and there along the streets.   

As the name suggests, you can view the morning sun at “Asahi (the morning sun) – ya (house).”  What is even better is that you can see the sun rising up from the sea.  In a daytime, clear blue sky and sea are just in front of you while at sunset, the reddening sky by the light of the sun going down pleases your eyes.  And what is waiting in the pitch black night is full of stars in the sky.  

Here at “Asahiya,” you can enjoy the varied faces of the sky throughout the day.   

The owner couple love the beach here and used to do camping.  They started running the accommodation in 2007. 

Using the original design of the building, they renovated it to be an accommodation almost by hand.  The accommodation comprises of three rooms; a double room, a twin room, and a family room.

Entering the room, you will find plastered walls with Rykyu lime plaster, a painted floor, and hand-made, ramie curtain.  You will be wrapped with the warmth of a cozy handmade atmosphere. 

In addition to a table and chairs, there is a kitchen that looks comfortable to use.  With a rice cooker and a toaster, it is very convenient when you would like to stay for longer days or cook by yourself.  Even a washing machine is available outside free to use.     

And on top of that, what you can see from the back window of the room…..

Unspoiled, natural beach!

On a sunny day, the cobalt blue color of the sky and the sea is absorbing and beautiful!
As they would like guests to enjoy the marvelous view, there are no curtains at the window. 

Also the shower room facing the ocean and the washbasin space have no curtains so that you can feel the sea so close. 

BGM is the sound of waves.  You will wake up by birds chirping in the morning.  They say that sometimes guests can hear chirping of yanbarukuina. (Wow!)

“I would like our guests to spend their time in a leisurely fashion in nature in its true colors.  This place has the sea, the mountain, and the river.  It is full of life!  I would like them to fully appreciate what they feel and gain from nature,” said the owner, Mrs. Yukine Ashimine.

You might want to float amidst the gentle waves, gaze at the sea without thinking about anything, take a nap, or read a book.  This place automatically makes you feel like leaving yourself to nature and just relax without worrying about time. 

Next to the accommodation is a café “CAFÉ Kurage,” which is run also by the owner couple.    

When you stay at “Asahiya,” you will have breakfast and dinner here.  They use mainly Okinawan ingredients.  Without using chemical seasoning, they provide you with carefully-prepared meals.    

As you enjoy the stay, you can have a tea break or savor a shaved ice (summer only).  Spending time at the seaside café is also a great charm of “Asahiya.”

Within short walk distance, there is a clear water river, most of which has shallow water, so it is perfect for children to play around. 

“A waterfall basin is in the back,  Would you like to go there?”  As I was invited by Yukine-san, I shoved through water.  Then I saw a family staying at “Asahiya” enjoy a comfortable swim in front of the waterfall basin. 

The family was planning to check out on that morning, but the energy from nature was so comfortable that they decided to stay one more night.  I could understand what they meant since they could stay in such a lovely place as this.  It is needless to say that I fought the urge to throw my camera away to jump into the waters! (LOL)

Please be careful and take full responsibility for your actions here.  As it is deep around the water pocket, I would highly recommend that you wear a life jacket or an inner tube. 

If you take the express way, it takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours by car from the airport to “Asahiya.”  It is a very long distance, but sightseeing spots like Cape Hedo, Kayauchi Banta, Daiseki Rinzan, etc. are nearby.   More importantly, such a fantastic nature welcomes you, which makes you happy that you come all the way up here. 

If you would like to be wrapped up in a slow, relaxing Okinawan time in the back country of Yanbaru, please visit “Asahiya”!  The accommodation is for travelers to enjoy a comfort for their bodies and souls.

Address: 150‐1 Sosu, Kunigami Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-50-4040
Accommodation Fee: 5,400yen ~(per person per night for two persons sharing a room)

*Plans are available for overnight stay without meals, overnight stay with breakfast, and overnight stay with breakfast & dinner.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono

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