Okinawa Tourism Information:“Iwouldlikegueststogettoknowwiththelocals!”TheownerofguesthouseinMiyakoIslandmakeshiswishcometrueeverynightat“IyashinoYadoUmiOto.”

“I would like guests to get to know with the locals!” The owner of guest house in Miyako Island makes his wish come true every night at “Iyashi no Yado UmiOto.”

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Beer mugs with Orion logo are frozen in the freezer, and a hummock is provided on the rooftop.  They know what guests need at this guesthouse. 


“Iyashi no Yado (Accommodation for Comfort) UmiOto” was opened in May, 2015 in the farming village area somewhat near the center of downtown Miyakojima City.  All the guest rooms are private.  The guesthouse satisfies you with its cleanliness even for those prefer to stay at a hotel and with casual exchange with other guests and the local people. 


The common space is designed to be open for the owner’s wish of “I hope that guests will get to know with each other naturally.”  


The owner couple, Mr. & Mrs. Yamamoto travelled to Miyako Island 7 years ago and stayed at a guest house whose owner strongly attracted them for his character and the way he lives.  They set themselves the goal of becoming an owner of a guest house in Miyako Island.”  The couple worked very hard in tandem with each other for 7 years to make their dream come true. 

Sunset I enjoyed when I stayed at UmiOto.


The center of UmiOto are a living room where guests can get together and a terrace where you can go out directly from the living room.  And one more…a balcony on the rooftop.  At sunset, you can go up to the rooftop with beer in your hand, and savor the sunset glow while relaxing on a hammock or a deck chair.  As I was chatting with someone, above my head was the vastness of a starry sky.

At the terrace where you can go out directly from the living room, enjoy “Otoori”!


When I visited here for the interview, a 27-year-old islander “Kazu kun” came with skipjack tuna sashimi and deeply-fried gurukun (double-lined fusilier).  As I listened to Miyako Island talk of Kazu kun, who loves his home island, guests joined us one after another, and “Oroori” started.


Home-cooked meal “Deeply-fried gurukun” which Kazu kun brought with him


Otōri is a custom of drinking awamori in Miyako Island. One person, the oya (master of ceremonies), delivers a message, and pours awamori for members one by one in a round. The oya usually moves counterclockwise around the circle, doing the same for each person.

Morning glow from the balcony on the rooftop


According to Kazu kun, “Otoori” is a culture created from a kind care for every shy person of Miyako to say something in front of everybody and be heard.  “Understanding each other by hobnobbing together is Otoori.”  The word from the islander absolutely shows the milk of human kindness of Miyako Island.   


All the guestrooms are private with air conditioning.  Very comfortable! 


The nearest great beach is within 5-minute walking distance.  Sometimes guests can go to the sea for snorkeling by the ship owned by Yamamoto san.  It costs about 1,000 yen from the downtown Miyakojima City to “Iyashi no Yado UmiOto” by taxi, but UmiOto commands a view of sugarcane field stretching out before your eyes, and you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere which only Miyako Island can offer.  It seems that the guesthouse has the best of everything in Miyako, and you might want to come back here again and again.


Iyashi no Yado “Umi-oto”

Address: 1234-1 Aza-Nikawadori, Hirara, Miyako-jima City, Okinawa

TEL: 0980-79-5011

Accommodation: 6,000 yen~per person per night

Check In: 15:00

Check Out: 10:00

Accommodation: Free wifi, kitchen (with refrigerator, seasonings, eating utensils), shower (for male and female separately, with shampoo, rinse, dryer), washing machine (with washing detergent), dryer, drying area, rental bicycles


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura