Okinawa Tourism Information:FromOriginalSushitoPancakes,Champloo(variety)ofDishesareServedat“Gohan-yadeSU-SU-SOON”

From Original Sushi to Pancakes, Champloo (variety) of Dishes are Served at “Gohan-ya de SU-SU-SOON”

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Sunabe, Chatan Town where is in Central Okinawa and famous as a scuba diving spot. “Gohan-ya de SU-SU-SOON” is located in a neat housing estate quietly, and it is 5 minutes away from the scuba diving spot on foot.

Handmade decorations are decorated in foreign residents’ housing, and it is the housing with a warm and pretty atmosphere. 

It does seem like a fancy café that serves beverages mainly, but it actually serves variety of dishes including seafood bowl, original sushi, and other Japanese dishes. And also ethnic beverages, Japanese non-chlorinated flour made pancakes, and more dishes are on the menu. Customers can order and enjoy good food and dessert.

“I started an original sushi restaurant on Park Avenue in Koza (Okinawa City) first. When I relocated my restaurant to Sunabe, I thought about starting a restaurant that my neighbors can stop by freely. But many of my customers prefer sushi, so I cook and serve both sushi and other dishes now.”

Yoshida, the owner of the restaurant, worked for restaurants in Osaka where she is originally from. And then she moved to Okinawa 13 years ago to start her restaurant.

You can enjoy eating food from an ocean and a mountain all at once if you ordered the popular “Okinawa Sushi Banpaku (expo).” Many types of sushi are in the same plate including; sushi with bitter goya and sour sea grapes, sushi with aguu pork dipping miso paste, tuna, squid, sushi with Okinawan tofu, and more.

“Cold Noodle with Sesame” is a popular dish in summer, and its sauce features the sweetness of soy milk and original ginger oil and grinded sesame. It has pronounced flavor but can eat lightly and could be addictive.

The number of original dish had increased while thinking of food that can be served only at this restaurant.

The lunch buffet is available for 1,100 yen (1 hour of all-you-can-eat), serving side dishes with 10 kinds of vegetables, white rice, brown rice, cold noodle with sesame, and dessert. If you ate all of them, you can have 30 ingredients that are good for our health, so it is good for your health.

Original ginger syrup and other seasonings are available at the restaurant, and some customers come here to buy them. 

She thought about ordering the seasonings to a factory. However, it was very hard to reproduce the flavor that she imagined, so she makes everything on her own to provide good products to her customers even though it is a limited number.

Even though variety of dishes are on the menu, each dish keep a good balance. Some foreign residents enjoy eating pancake as a dessert after having an original sushi.

Alcohols are also served at night, so customers can visit here as they go to izakaya. It would be good to go to the restaurant in Sunabe and enjoy the variety of dishes with “champloo” culture.

Gohan-ya de SU-SU-SOON
Address: 208-8 Hamagawa, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-936-6237
Business Hours: 11:30 - 15:00 (14:30 L.O.)/ 17:00 - 22:00 (21:00 L.O.)
Closed: Tue
Private Room: available
Parking: available 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sandy