Okinawa Tourism Information:Let’sFullyEnjoytheOriginalPluckedPorkGrilledOnSkewersat“Arakoya”inSakaemachiwiththeAtmosphereofShowaTaste!

Let’s Fully Enjoy the Original Plucked Pork Grilled On Skewers at “Arakoya” in Sakaemachi with the Atmosphere of Showa Taste!

post : 2015.12.04 19:00

“Arakoya,” where you can savor especially fresh plucked pork, opened in August, 2012.  Since its opening, “Arakoya” has become famous in a very short time through word of mouth and a good reputation.  Local regular customers gathering both on weekdays and weekends, the izakaya is always crowded.  “Arakoya” offers a variety of items from regular parts like tongue and liver to rare parts like nodogashira (throat-headed) and fuegarami (throat stripe), lips, all of which can hardly be found in other izakayas.   

The owner opened his shop in Sakaemachi in Naha City, which used to prosper as an entertainment district.  The nostalgic, Showa-taste atmosphere and the image of an excellent drinking place not many people know about matched with his concept of his shop. 

“I was impressed when I ate motsu-yaki (grilled plucked pork) in Tokyo.  Perhaps surprisingly, Okinawan people don’t eat offal meat despite of a pork-eating culture we enjoy in Okinawa.  So I decided to let Okinawan people to savor motsu-yaki as well.”  The owner, Mr. Hideki Matsukawa explained why he has pork “motsu-yaki” in his main menu.  Offal meat deteriorates more rapidly than dressed meat does, and a peculiar smell comes out as time proceeds.  So the freshness is very important.     

Some people have the image of bad smell about motsu, but fresh motsu has a pure pink color and no peculiar smell.  Matsukawa-san, who is thoroughly careful about the safety and excellent taste of food, uses meat from Ganaha Chikusan (Ganaha Pig Farm), which regularly distributes him perfectly-fresh offal meat.  Ganaha’s pork is very special as it is raised with lots of love and affection in a rich nature environment in the northern part of Okinawa. 

(from the left) teppou (rectum), hatsu (heart), tan (tongue), kikan (throat stripe), and oppai (breast).  Liver, harami (outside skirt), and gatsushin (guts) are also popular.

Using Binchotan charcoal, he grills offal meat to make it plump and crispy by far infrared ray effect.  In order to bring out the texture and umami (savory flavor) of ingredients, you must not overgrill.  For savoring the taste of perfectly-fresh motsu to the fullest, it is the key point not to give heat thoroughly to the core, and finish it with the outside crispy texture while allowing the inside to remain medium to rare.  Carefully-cooked motsu-yaki by the artisan skill brings a unique crunching texture, a delicate flavor, and a rich, savory flavor spreading in your mouth, which makes you smile unconsciously.  Even those who are not good at the smell of motsu can change their “viewpoint of motsu” once they try it here at “Arakoya.”

My recommendation for first-time visitors is “Assorted Charcuterie,” which provides all “you want to eat” including homemade pork products like Yanbaru Shimabuta ham, pates of blood and pork offal, smoked pork tongue, (tebichi) pig trotter terrine as well as salami and chorizo of black Iberian pig, fresh ham made in Parma, etc.  I am sure this dish perfectly goes well with alcohol!  It comes in different sizes from a one-serving size to a big size for sharing among many people, so please try it!  

The other items are created also by the passion and obsession of Hideki-san, and are all excellent dishes which you can taste only here.  Once you visit there, you definitely want to go back again and again.  So why don’t you take a trip to “Arakoya”?  


Address: 388-10 Asato, Naha City, Okinawa
Opening Hours: 18:00 to 1:00, the following day (L.O.:24:00)
Irregularly Closed

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Sachiko