Okinawa Tourism Information:BeachsideCaféinMiyakoIsland,ComfortingYouwithStunningVista“theSEASHORE”

Beachside Café in Miyako Island, Comforting You with Stunning Vista “the SEASHORE”

post : 2015.12.13 19:00

“the SEASHORE is situated in the southern part of Miyako Island, along Highway 235, which connects Sigira Bay Country Club and Higashi Hennazaki Cape.  Highway 235 can offer you a pleasant drive along the seacoast while enjoying a great view of the ocean through the windshield.  In the season now after a long summer, you might enjoy a comfortable drive, with fresh air coming in through open windows. 

When a small, pure-white building with a background of the ocean comes into your view, please stop the car to take a break.  It is a very quiet, relaxing surrounding.  A café and condominium “the SEASHORE” was designed for visitors to fully enjoy an atmosphere special to the remote island of Okinawa. 

Of course, the main characteristic of the café is the fantastic view of the ocean and the sky spreading out in all directions across the window surface.  You already get excited by the superb view seen beyond the door when entering the shop.

Standard café menu items are available such as pasta, curry and rice, etc.  They take advantage of the blessing of the island, including home-prepared tuna which is caught in Okinawa, Miyako Beef, island hot pepper, honey, etc. 


Just doing nothing and staring at the sea makes you forget about your everyday life, and automatically you will be meshed into the rhythm of the island.  Since you make a trip to Okinawa all the way from your place, please savor a relaxing time alone or with someone close to you at this café with full of sunshine and refreshing ocean breeze. 


Address: 626-2, Tomori, Gusukube, Miyako-jima City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-77-8700
Opening Hours: 11:30 to 18:00
Irregularly Closed  
Parking: Available

Official Website:

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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Aya Asakura