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Organic Tropical Fruits!

post : 2015.12.25 18:00

A farm “Kanon no Mori” is located in a mountain in Kadena Town. Those sun-ripened fruits of Okinawa are at the center of attention, and the number of inquiry from Mainland Japan has been increasing. 

More than 40 kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers are growing every year on this 2.21 acre farm.

Variety of fruits including Okinawan banana and passion fruit are cultivated at this farm. Some of the fruits are familiar in Okinawa, and some of them are rare.

This spiky fruit is called Golden Pitaya, and it is a kind of dragon fruit. It is sweeter than the regular dragon fruit, and its taste is sticky and creamy. This rare fruit is hard to find even at markets.

To cultivate organic fruits, herbicide and other agricultural chemicals are not used at this farm. It is to make sure that people who have chemical sensitivity and children can eat fruits safely.
(Chemical sensitivity: a disease / allergy which is caused by a very small amount of medicinal substances and chemicals.)

And the person who manages “Kanon no Mori” is Taeko Moriya. She started farming on her own in 2004.

Actually, she never had an experience on farming. After the repetition of trial and error, now she is focusing on the farming with no fertilizer and compost to cultivate the ones that she can actually see in her eyes. 

My recommendation is “mango.” Organic mangoes are very rare in Okinawa. By cultivating them carefully, they turn out as good and tasty mangoes just like the non-organic ones.

(L: Irwin mango / R: Keitt mango)

Moriya cultivates 10 kinds of mangoes including Irwin mango and Keitt mango. Irwin mango is also called as apple mango because its skin turns red after steaming it, and a fruit of Keitt mango is big.

Keitt mango is slightly larger than Irwin mango, and it is fragrant.

Vegetables and fruits are growing here and there in the plastic greenhouses, and I felt their robust vital energy there.

Moriya has been working on beekeeping also since 2013 as a new attempt. Bees are helping for the entomophily of mango and passion fruit.

This non-heated, non-miticide, and additive-free honey is rich in fragrant. It is also refreshingly sweet.

By the way, “Kanon no Mori” always welcomes your visit and accept your support on farming.

“I want everybody to know how the food that they eat to be cultivated.”
I can feel Moriya’s enthusiasm from her words.
I bet everybody is curious to know how these products that we eat are grown.

These “safety & security” organic fruits are cultivated freely in the rich nature. And most of all, they are delicious. You can order the fruits outside Okinawa, so you can enjoy eating the fruits of “Kanon no Mori” anywhere in Japan. 

Don't you want to eat them when you get a chance?

Kanon no Mori
Address: 587 Yara, Kadena Town
Tel: 090-1080-5824

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akari Matsumura