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A Smoothie Shop “Vita Smoothies” is Good for Our Bodies

post : 2016.06.09 19:00

“Vita Smoothies” is a smoothie shop which celebrated the 10th anniversary last year. A headline of a newspaper article in 2006 said “Drinkable Sherbet.” It is understandable from this anecdote that this shop is a pioneer of smoothie shops.

Yamazato, the owner, drinks mixed fruits regularly. When he traveled to Hawaii, he accidentally found a smoothie shop and realized “the one I drink was smoothie!” Also, he found out that health and longevity of Okinawa were going down when he worked at a supplement company, and he thought that the day when all people needs dietary supplement will come someday.

He wished to start a shop where “everybody can enjoy, and take good things for their bodies easily.” That was why he opened “Vita Smoothies.” 

He said “I want every customer to think that they feel good after drinking 1 smoothie on that day.” Convenience food or sauce is not included in the smoothie, and put only fresh ingredients in a blender after taking order from customers. 

20 – 30 smoothies are on the menu including berries, tropical fruits, vegetables, and energetic ones. You can pick your favorite ingredients and order, and new smoothies with seasonal vegetables and fruits show up on the menu every 2 – 3 weeks.

Pumpkin & Popeye Smoothie on the photo above was on the menu during pumpkin season. Smoothies with beniimo (purple yam), goya (bitter melon), dragon fruit and others are also available. Since there are lots of smoothies on the menu, it is hard to pick one. That is why customers come back to this shop to try other flavors.

Vita Smoothies
Address: 2-17-17-1F Makishi, Naha City (across from Junkudo book store)
Business Hours: 10:30-20:00 / 19:30 (last order)
Closed: Tuesday
Tel: 098-863-3929

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Aya Asakura