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Recommended Driving Spots in Main Island of Okinawa, Part 2, Miyagi Island

post : 2016.06.29 06:00

Continued from "Recommended Driving Spots in Main Island of Okinawa, Part 1, Hamahiga", 2nd one is about Miyagi island called "Takahanari". After passing Henza island, Miyagi island is accessible through the overseas road. Total population is about 700 of Miyagi island, is called Takahanari because its high elevation. Overlooking sea from higher place is eye-grabbing.

View of Hamahiga island from Miyagi island.

The gradation of the tropical deep green, layers of blue colors, and the contrast of the coolers can be seen only on Miyagi island. It is a driving spot that you stop by and stare at for a while. There are several superb view spots on this island.

This is "Kafu-banta", the superb view spot! Kafu means happy and Banta means cape.

There can't be better places to view beautiful coral reef on main island of Okinawa except here.

There must be variety of colored fish around the reef. I idly wonder the beautiful reef should be remain forever looking at the view.

Akuna beach east side of Miyagi island

After enjoying Nuchiuna and Kafu-banta, going to the secret beach! Going straightforward to Ikei island and left from a red vending machine, and you will see "Akuna beach". There is a rough road to there so please be careful or park your car and walk a couple of minutes. Akuna beach is popular for surfers because higher tide compared to others. It's good place to surf, but shallow places are good for children. Playing with hermit crabs and fish reminds me of childhood.

Sea turtles come here laying eggs. The signboard says that eggs here, please follow how they grow.

Another beach, Ukuno beach nearby Akuna beach(5minutes drive). Both beaches are difficult to get to but, carefully watch the hand-made signboard on the street. Please look for them like exploring.

Beautiful blue sea is welcoming you.

A few people already there to enjoy SUP(Stand up Paddle Surfing) and floating to relax. This is like a private beach, even busy season, it's far cry from crowded.

Natural beach with no shower, bathroom, garbage can where sea turtles come. I would like to enjoy and thank the nature.

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