Okinawa Tourism Information:UnknownandUntouchedSeashore,"U-gunoHama"(Nagahama),AguniIsland

Unknown and Untouched Seashore, "U-guno Hama"(Nagahama), Aguni Island

post : 2016.07.13 18:00

Northwest of Naha-city, about 60km away, it is where lonely island, "Aguni island is located on East China Sea. It is about 25 minutes flight/2 hours by ship from Naha, and not known for a lot or people. Some places to see on the island such as original view of volcanic sediment on east, Ryukyu limestone cavern, and of course untouched seashore.

"U-guno Hama" located on east most on the island, and runs about 1km on the east area. Needless to say, but this is the white seashore.

Parking lot, shower, and bathrooms are free to use. It is on the east side so known as a sunset view spot. This seashore is called several way by local people depending on the area. For Seito area, it is "U-guno Hama". For Hama area, "Nagahama"(and moreover, signboard says "Aguni Bathing Beach", but it's not officially "Bathing Beach" due to no lifesavers). anyways, it's interesting that several names to call.

Especially this emerald green and clear water. The clearness is arrestingly beautiful. Because of the inconvenience unlike other remote islands such as Kerama Islands, it is kept unknown and untouched even on busy season.

The shoaling beach and coral reef around the island makes the shore easy for children to play safe. In addition to beautiful sand beach, coral reef and fish on the south side of the beach(right side) is good area to snorkel. Butterfly fish, damselfish, wrasse, parrot fish, anemonefish are welcome to you.

Like explained earlier, there is no lifesavers, please careful when you snorkel or swim, and wear life jacket on and go with at least two people. Caution! Out side of the reef is not safe to swim.

Ocean is a must-see/enjoy thing on Okinawa. Typical artificial "all-set" beaches are nice, how about natural tranquil beach on a remote island?

U-guno Hama(Nagahama)
Address: Hama, Aguni-son, Okinawa
Tel: 098-896-5151 (Aguni Tourists Agency)

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Kiwamu Ogawa(Qey Word)