Okinawa Tourism Information:Just30MinutesFlightfromNaha!"KumeIsland"forHealingandGreatView

Just 30 Minutes Flight from Naha! "Kume Island" for Healing and Great View

post : 2016.07.25 18:00

Recommended island for people who want to go to an island but worried about seasickness is Kume island just 30 minutes flight from Naha. Good thing is on Kume island which is getting popular, is to close to the nature.

Small island as 8 thousands of population. Looking around by (motor)bike, but renting a car is recommended because of the uphills and downhills.

It only takes about 1 hour to go around the island. I have to stop every time I take photos at the spot that makes me to photograph. So it won't let me go easily.

Sky, sea, mountains, feel the untouched nature. The great view fill up your heart.

Viewing islands from 200 meters above sea level at "Hiyajo-banta". It's possible to see main island Okinawa when clear sky.


"Mi-fuga", the big rock etched by erosion is one of the recommended spots to see. Only about one week a year, viewable sun rising between the rocks. Please visit during the season around middle of July if interested.
For detail Sunrise which rises from the crevice of Mifuga on Kume Island

"Tatami-ishi" looks like turtle shell is located on Oh-jima bridged from Kume island. It is also popular spot to see.

The best recommended one of the Izakaya restaurants on Kume island is "SMAKAKA" which provided fresh air.

Anna Edberg from Sweden opened SMAKAKA on April 2016 that offers menus of chicken cream tomato sauce, Swedish meatball, roast of sanmai-niku, baked herring, and Swedish home cuisine. Please check on Facebook if interested.

Anna speaks Swedish, English, and a little bit of German. Her hospitality and friendly smile catches customers hearts and even language barrier doesn't matter. I want this place to be a home for everyone even for tourists, Anna says. You can ask people there for local tourist information not in guide books.

One day trip is possible if leaving Naha in the morning, but at least 2 nights and looking around slowly without a plan is recommended. The view with the slow time fill up your heart.

Next trip is to Kume island!

Address: 43-1 Aza-Kadekaru, Kumejima-cho, Okinawa
Tel: 080-6487-0940
Open: 10:00-16:00 for Mon-Wed, 17:30-21:00 for Thu, 10:00-15:00 for Fri, 1st Sat, last Sun

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Sachiko