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Playing at Hidden Spot, Genka River

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Blue sky and ocean are typical places to go in Okinawa for tourists. Think about safety when children play, the strong sunbeam might hurt them. My answer is "Let them play at river". More sunshade and being able to swim are safer for them. So I'll let you know how to play at hidden river. 

Exit the expressway at the exit of Kyoda which is northernmost exit. And keep heading north on route 58. Going to Ohgimi area, you'll see intersection of Yagaji-jima and Kori-jima. If you need something to eat/drink/whatever you need, you should stop by convenience store at the corner of the intersection. After getting stuff you need and rest, keep going north. When you find Genka intersection, drive in the direction of Higasi-son.(turn right)

There is egg store before the bridge.(below picture)

This is unattended style egg store. It's like baggage automatic locker, but selling eggs. It's reasonable price and fresh local products. Our family always buy it when going to the river. And eat with hot rice which is so good. Even if you don't have enough coins to buy, there are juice vending machines to change.

Crossing the bridge after the store, turn right and you'll see the stone monument. That is where Genka river is. Some parking are by the river. Shallow to deep area of the river, you can decide to settle.

Genka river is surrounded by cyatheaceae and other plants. The water is clean and clear as Ryukyu ayu(sweetfish) which is protected species, Ryukyu dragonflies, shrimps, tadpoles, and newts live. Once you step into the river, you will feel the nature is around you.

Ryukyu ayu around the area of deep green water.

Unload your baggage, then let's get started! Kids are excited about swimming, and chasing fish.

Making a brave try, climbing up the rock and jump!

Younger daughter just entered elementary school, followed her brother. She was hesitating in the beginning, but soon got hooked. 

Next thing they did was swinging on vines. Vines are everywhere.

Swing and jump, trying to jump further. He laughs hysterically and jump.

On the other hand, daughter is suspending and watching the river.

Youngest daughter tries her best to hang on with sister's help. Kids seems refreshing who usually do quarrels at home by playing at river. We(parent) also play with them, jumping, swinging on vines etc. On the way home, I drive hearing the breathing of kids sleeping at back seat which normally happens.

Making a brave try to jump, swimming, chasing fish, all you can play at Genka river in Yanbaru. Recommended season is June to Oct because water is colder than sea water. Make sure to check weather forecast, water level after rain or typhoon will go up and water flow is faster. Oops, don't forgot to buy some eggs on the way home.

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