Okinawa Tourism Information:DamageandanEyeof15thTyphoonoftheYear

Damage and an Eye of 15th Typhoon of the Year

post : 2016.08.26 18:00

A very large typhoon hit Yaeyama area on Aug 23th, 2015. The most damaged area in Yaeyama area is Ishigaki. A hurricane warning has been announced for 30 hours. A power outage on 98 percent of Ishigaki island and 71 meters per second of maximum peak wind which is the highest record happened.

After the typhoon, cars are blown, power poles are knocked down, broken walls, hanging wires, shut down traffic signals are seen.

Since I moved to Okinawa seven years ago, that was the strongest one I saw. I realized that water leak from the tightly locked windows after a power outage recovered. "Shower" came from a vent of air conditioner which made me surprised, but it's even better than houses with broken windows during the typhoon.

I checked my car, ok, windows are not broken, and engine runs. Broken windows, bodies, engines, upside down, etc.

Fortunately, there is almost no one got hurt. Local people get used to typhoons, but this one was quite terrible.

Entering to the "Eye", for 2 hours in the evening with blue sky.

Blue sky and clouds are separated clearly. A photo taken by Miki Nakasoko on Hateruma island.

Dragonflies and birds are flying and singing during the "eye", and second half the typhoon came later. Moon was seen on part of Ishigaki island during the eye, but down town Ishigaki city has been out of the eye. People start checking and cleaning their houses, cars. People of which cars and houses damaged a lot upset, though. Signals not working so people giving way to each other at signal.

Power outage at my home continued 30 hours. Especially after recovering, I thank of electricity and people who work on disaster-relief. For 3 days after the hurricane warning cleared, there still be houses with power and water outage. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan says total estimated typhoon damage is over 1 hundred million yen.

People are hardy. Obon starts today in Okinawa. Not much stuff at supermarkets, but we welcome ancestors. Angama, traditional lion dance, eisa will be performed.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto