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Fishing on Ishigaki Island.

post : 2016.08.29 21:00

It has been for 8 year I moved to Ishigaki island. I recently started fishing through a friend. Waiting for sun goes down, going fishing.

Many fishing spots within 5 minutes drive area. Good access spots make more people to come fishing.

Rabbitfish, abudefduf vaigiensis, black-spot surgeonfish, and lutjanus, parrot fish are caught. Sometimes catching fish at first cast.

Fish like aquarium fish and even unknown fish are caught. Especially this one.

Something like alien or dolphin with rubber sole? Even my friend who caught it and other have no idea what that is. We figured later that's remora. A 3rd grade kid heard of the remora brought it to eat. "It was great boiled like accua pazza". His mother said "I won't cook next time, the sucker on head is hard to remove".

Most of the fish that we caught was released because it's too small, but some with good size are brought to eat. 3 of double-lined fusilier which is Okinawa prefecture's symbol fish are caught on my first fishing.

It's sautéed with butter. It can't be better to eat the fish that I caught. I might plan a boat fishing next time. I want a big one!

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