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Photographer/Writer's Diary 41st, Hiroshi Kuwamura

post : 2016.08.30 21:00

As April comes, new year starts, new school, new work at new office, new things starting. And for myself, I decide wheat I do on this year such as new work for Okinawa CLIP. This is not I promise someone, this is something I ask myself a question and answer what I want to do. "Not only works of photos are important, but expression works as a photographer is important, too". I really think that way. Professing myself turn me on, and moved something.

Work as an instructor of photograph school came. This is actually what I was wondering if I could be an instructor one year ago. Not only good things happen. Some opportunities were gone while I was hesitating. It was regretful not to be able to follow the stream, but what I do is to go step by step. One chance left and another comes, I had a chance of interview for new work. what I met was Daiichi Hirata, poet and producer has created song of "Mirukumunari" which is a popular Eisa song, and "Kimutaka no Amawari", a long time seller, and etc.

He offered "Shima tono taiwa" of collaboration of poem and photo for the first time in years. Poem of Hirata from Kohama island, Yaeyama and photo of Kuwamura from Fukue island, Goto islands collaborated on series "Shima tono taiwa"(conversation to island). It has been for 5 years to restart the series with no medium that was used to be. Which medium do I ask for?

I have no sponsors, nor connections, but a lot of things to output. We can start from blog. This is it

A pieces of work made by now were on books which were almost sold out, but we will publish new books. The door of journey of my life is like book. Opening a new  page is up to you.

Shima tono taiwa(conversation to island) blog

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura(KUWA)