Okinawa Tourism Information:"Find"ofWalkingTripWhereverYourHeartLeads,HiroshiKuwamura's11thIslandPhotoColumn

"Find" of Walking Trip Wherever Your Heart Leads, Hiroshi Kuwamura's 11th Island Photo Column

post : 2016.08.31 06:00

A Trip of island turns on the switch of "finding".

Tripping islands are my lifework. Fateful meeting happens, something not planned or expected things at every places. It reminds me something I forgot before. Something wakes me up in my mind. Two stories on Miyako island. First one is meeting "Kaminchu"(shaman in Okinawa).

I was at Higashihenna cape for interviewing on Miyako island. There was someone I have seen before. He is the one traveling Kume, Miyako, and Irabu islands for pilgrimage with me (I was taking photos). He visited Miyako Island for "Yu-kui"(harvest festival). I came to Miyako island at same time. It was reencounter since 8 years ago. He introduced me to his companion as "He took photos of Phoenix(Houou)". The photo of phoenix shows phoenix and shining light which is on books. Kaminchu says that you have god of something shows something hidden. Meeting to him reminds me something I almost forgot. He told me that "time to reform, new stage begins, as you know". Is there anyone feel the time to reform?

2nd one is 2 of the 10 past champions of "Nariyama-ayagu festival" in Tomori, Miyako island are my old sanshin friends when I interview. One used to be friend at Yaeyama folk song class. The other one was also a friend at Amami song class before moving to Okinawa 13 years ago. Old traditional songs tell me of how people live in ancient times. Every small single thing is picked up warmly. Singing at home of the songs is like dedication. It was a good chance to reminds something I forgot.

It has been for 10 years since I quit playing sanshin and song. Someone sensitive told me before "god is asking how about your song?", you have any idea what that means? The person didn't know I was playing sanshin at the time. He also says "you know what really god means". That was beginning of that I figured songs and dances are traditional arts I dedicate.

I had the honor of seeing great masters of sanshin when I interviewed at National Theater Okinawa. I felt like lightning woke up rusted something in my mind, and reboot it. A trip might turn on the switch of "find". My trip continues.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura