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Ceramicist Kaori Nakamura / the 1st volume

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Its smooth texture. Its white color looks like thick carpet of fresh snow. It feels a bit cool when it is covered with both hands, and it looks fragile by its thinness.
That is the characteristic of ceramics made by Kaori Nakamura, the ceramicist.
How these popular ceramics in Okinawa were made?

When did you start making ceramics?

“When I enrolled at Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. I actually chose ceramic course with no particular motive lol.” 

Is that true!?

“I love arts and crafts from elementary school student, and I did drawing until high school. But I can draw anytime I want, so I wanted to get some skills at a university.”

So is that the reason why you chose ceramic course? Did you get attracted by ceramics instantly?

“Honestly, I was stunned because it was different than I imagined. I was taking traditional craft classes including a class to make 100 bowls, and I had to make the same type of them. I thought about switching to sculpture course if artistic idea is unnecessary for this course lol”

Wow, that is a bold decision lol

“But when I was a sophomore at a university, I was impressed by the Chinese porcelain called ‘Hakutai.’ It is as thin as egg’s shell, and I was surprised as ‘dishes could be thin.’ I started to see the potential in ceramics.”

That was the moment when the door opened to the new world. So are you making rare “porcelain” in Okinawa now?

“Yes. I learned a technique called ‘Ikomi’ around that time and found out the best expression method for me. Because there is the concept of ceramics, there is a surprise when I make a thin and light ceramic.” 

So the “thinness” attracts you?

“Yes because it seems fragile, and I was not expecting a good thing back then lol”

Was it because you were taking classes of traditional craft at that time!?

“Yes, but it emphasizes ‘to live’ because it is fragile. It is not commonplace to live. I wanted to send out a message to live for the moment. I also wanted everybody to have a sense of tension by touching fragile objects because the objects could be chipped or broken.”

I did not think you have a special fondness for the thinness. I personally like its smooth texture. 

“I am aiming the smoothness just like the surface of shells.”

They have dignified parts within lovableness, and they make me want to touch them. 

“I love lovable stuff. I like lace very much lol”

That is why the motif of your ceramics are lovely. What is your favorite motif?

“Beautiful natural scenery because I am attracted to transient thing. It makes me realize that I am Japanese.” 

The shade of white is attractive too. It is not too blue, not too yellow. It looks like strength and fragile got together.

“I did stick resolutely to white. I wanted to express transparent white. I like the transparency of whiteness that I hold it against the light.”

Is there non-transparent one?

“There are various types of composition in ceramics, and some of them are non-transparent even though I made them thin. So I control the shade of color depending on the design.” 

Kaori’s ceramics are thin, light, and fit perfectly to female’s soft hands. She sticks to thinness and whiteness, and I became to like her ceramics more and more. 

Her story about her favorite ceramics will be continued to the 2nd volume.

To be continued…

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