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Ceramicist Kaori Nakamura / the 2nd volume

post : 2016.09.18 19:00

Continuation from “the 1st volume” about the time when Kaori was attracted to ceramics. She talks about the ceramics with her special feeling for “the 2nd volume,” and she also shows us her charming part.

Is there any concept in the ceramics that you make?

“I always wanted to make 'something that connects dream and reality' from my student days. I wanted to make something that can remember memorable scenery, scent, and temperature. Or something that people can forget about the reality and take an imaginary trip. I hope everybody can have such time by using my ceramics.” 

You mean, the ceramics which deliver happiness to unleash their feelings.


Is there any ceramics with your special feeling? 

“The design of ‘Greenery hill.’ Definitely this one.”

“My friends and I managed an art café named ‘Cotef (butterfly)’ for a year after I graduated from a university, and its name was derived from a Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou’s quote: ‘Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly…’ The motif of this ceramic is my ideal scenery of that dream.”

So is this the ceramic that you “dreamt” of? 

“Yes. Actually I did not make it on purpose, but I realized that I engraved about the quote after I made it.”

I feel happy to just imagine when butterfly flies the starry sky. By the way, the name of your brand indicates “butterfly,” correct?

“Actually I wanted to name it as ‘Cotef,’ but I thought it would be no good to use it again. So I named it ‘petit papillon’ which means small butterfly in French.”

The reason why you named it in French because … your husband is from France? 

“Exactly lol”

Your husband is wonderful lol Ah, we are off the track. It sounds like you have special feeling for “Cotef.” Is that the basics of your time or place?

“I usually don’t think of it as my basics strongly, but I guess that is what it is when I remember that time often. I was happy that my friends and I shared the moment and thoughts to connect dream and reality.”

In the meantime, I see your ceramics at shops in Okinawa here and there. It means that the number of your fan is increasing, I believe. 

“People here cheer me empathetically, so I really appreciate that.”

You mean, staffs at the shops?

“We are close. I mean, each shop is located in a very short distance, so I can get each shop easily by car. Staffs give me advices regarding the design of my ceramics like ‘how about doing this?’ or ‘I want something like this’ or so on.” 

They give you advices!?

“They encourage me to make something, so I take ceramics to them right away after I make new ones lol Some of my works are made from the advices that they gave me.”

I think you have an approachable air. You are true to yourself, full of curiosity, and enjoy taking advices from the others. It is understandable that you make them to cheer you.

“I am glad that I learned ceramics at a university because we can take them to our houses, use them at tables, and they are also good for souvenirs. I think ceramics are the products for daily living.” 

A collaboration cup by Kaori Nakamura × around the table by Indigo

You collaborated with “around the table by Indigo” in Yomitan Village and made coffee cups. The indigo-colored cups were rare for you to make, and they looked wonderful. 

“Thank you. It was the first time to make them.” 

Kaori is a person rich in atmosphere, and also she has her own beliefs and mannish character. She wants to make more accessories to present the texture of ceramics, so we have to keep checking on items that she makes.

Here is “the 1st volume” about the beginning of making ceramics.


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around the table by Indigo 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akiko Ono