Okinawa Tourism Information:"MakingcheeseinOkinawa?"John'sdeliciouscheesethathavechangedastereotypecompletely.ThecheeseshopinNanjoCity

"Making cheese in Okinawa?" John's delicious cheese that have changed a stereotype completely. The cheese shop in Nanjo City

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"Okinawan Cheese is getting attention lately among cheese funs…" When my friend told me this story while ago, the first thing came up to my mind was the goat cheese made in Nakagusuku Village. The sight of Okinawa that the goat are everywhere even in near Naha City or a small remote island of Yaeyama are perfectly blend to itself. 


But as the story went on, it is the cheese made from milk that everybody is talking about. Addition to the surprise of the cheese
with milk, he is making the real cheese like "Camembert" "Blue Cheese" and "Roquefort". I was eager to try them. A guy making cheese is John with fluffy white bread from England.

John uses milk of cows raised by feed contain microorganisms supplied by Mr. Kiyoshi Oyadomari. The cow farm is located in the calm countryside. So that the cows get less stress and were eating grass relaxingly. "We have a fully equipped cheese factory on Oyadomari Bokujo, we are able to get fresh milk whenever we need to." John said. They pasteurize milk while it's fresh. At 63 Celsius for 30 minutes. This is the best.


Their recommendation is the cheese named of the lands.
For example, "Wakinaguni Blue". Wakinaguni is old village and has a meaning of rich harvest of the rice. This cheese stands for the calm, mild and flavorful blue cheese like the old village where time goes by slowly.


The shop's #1 sell is "Ozato White". It belongs to the while mold cheese and very creamy. It is named for Ozato where the farm is located. "Chura Nanjo" is as popular as "Ozato White" and it has nuts flavor and mild cheese, goes well by itself or in combination with other flavors.

Lately he's been making something more feel of the areas like "Cheese-yo" that ferment melt rice and awamori into the cheese.
"You want to eat delicious cheese whenever you want to."
He replied to my question "Why have you started making cheese in Okinawa?".
"Since I start living in Japan, I couldn't find good cheese I wanted to eat here. So I thought I should make cheese by own."  He's made "Toufuyo" that is popular in Okinawa as the cheese of fermented Tofu before he started to make cheese. His friends loved it and it was a success.

He knew that it is possible to ferment food in semi tropic Okinawa and started making only Cheddar which represents his home England everyday. He makes cheese until he thinks it's perfect and at the point he satisfied with it he moves onto the next and onto the next. He has kept going on and on with this making style and when he realized, his cheese reached 70 kinds.

The factory stocks Hops, Herbs and Mushrooms and so on aside from "Fuuchiba (Yomogi)", "Choumeisou", "Ukon" and "Hibiscus" that are known for Okinawan local plants to use for the variety taste of cheese.

"The animals and the plants are all in a good shape here in Okinawa." He told me his first impression of when he moved into Okinawa from Hokkaido. 
"Cheerful nature also brings active bacteria. Actually it will be different cheese even if you use the same milk making cheese by the locations. 
The cheese is made by local people and local area. It is necessary to be with the cheese like you raise it by watching the temperature, humidity and the other conditions.

"The cheese I made is like my daughters to me. So to be honest, I don't want to sell them."
He has eaten cheese as snacks since he was a little kid, he'd met tons of type of cheese and fell in love with each of them. Therefor, his love for the cheese is very deep and he wouldn't stop telling about the cheese.

The shop is to enjoy conversation about the cheese you know with the owner and also to enjoy tasting of the shop's recommendation and to find the cheese that perfectly fit you. Why don't you visit the shop with a plenty of time.

Cheese shop
Address: JA Atol Shopping Mall 1155 Nakama Aza Ozato Nanjo City, Okinawa
TEL: 090-2051-5188
Open: 13:00-18:00
Close: Tuesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Nobuya Fukuda