Okinawa Tourism Information:[TheWorldofSeaofOkinawa]SeaofNakijin-son,Okinawa

[The World of Sea of Okinawa] Sea of Nakijin-son, Okinawa

post : 2016.09.25 18:00

Nakijin-son is located on Motobu peninsula, north of Okinawa. A 2 hour drive from Naha gives you a short trip to Nakijin such as Nakijin castle ruins which is famous for cherry blossom, Akabaka beach where is often used for filming, Kubo Utaki(sacred place), areas where original traditional scenery remains.

The best point of Nakijin is beautiful undeveloped beach that looks like beached in remote islands. Many ways to access to the beach, so you can find your favorite spot walking around the area.

Coral reef-filled sea looks like Ryugu-jo castle.

Water surface mirrors coral reef when low tide.

Spending comfortable time looking at the sea or swimming to the Ryugu-jo, that will be your choice. Why don't you go find your favorite spot with snorkeling goods to Nakijin-son.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Mika Asaka