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Okinawa CLIP Movie Kinchichi Soba, Onna-son

post : 2016.09.27 18:00

A sub branch of popular restaurant of Okinawa Soba, "Kinchichi", Yomitan-son opened in Onna-son. The menus are different from the original ones, and "Okinawa tsuke soba" is mainly recommended. Chewy, thick, and twisted home-made noodle looks so delicious. Soup of Yanbaru chicken and Okinawa beni pork, seasonal vegetables, and Sanmai-niku(3-layered meat) are on it. There is an option to change noodle to 100% Okinawa-made flour noodle.

The flavor of freshly ground Okinawa-made flour is enjoyable. Standard Okinawa soba and "Tsuke soba akadare", blend of tsukedare and spicy miso are available. Please try "Okinawa tsuke soba" made from local made foods.

8-3 Nakama, Onna-son


Okinawa CLIP Videographer/Writer Ohji Ogawa