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What's your best scenery in Okinawa? JALxOkinawa CLIP Photo Contest by Oct

post : 2016.09.28 21:00

Good thing to settle in Okinawa is that I never get full no matter how much I take photos. The sceneries of Okinawa are colory and photogenic. I always carry camera to take photos even non-working time.

First thing to come up with is beautiful ocean and sky. Each face shows difference depending on weather and location. I can watch it anytime. The sky and clouds change the faces gradually and dynamically. The sunbeam in summer, and red sunset show too brilliant coloration for words.

Becomes soft blue when autumn.

Dynamic sunset at cape Zanpa

Not only sceneries of nature, scenes of people especially on remote islands reminds me of something old even the places of first visit. Women talking at local stores, people harvesting sugar cane, colorful roof with Shi-sa and tropical flowers, local foods and heat and passion of people at markets, fashionable cafe, traditional craft shops are all superb.

Colorful shaved ice at "Café Niwatori"

Truck and bookshelf surrounded by trees

Dried squid, charming sights on Ou-jima

Colorful café, Higashi-son

Scenery of Mi-baru beach

Stairs to the sky, Katsuren castle, Uruma-city

Yachimun, traditional pottery

As some of you already know, JALxOkinawa CLIP Photo Contest is on going. Photos theme of "Your Best of Okinawa" are accepted. I find new sceneries of Okinawa even lived for 4 years.

The photo contest started on July and reminding about one month and half. Prizes of around tickets to Okinawa, and I guide "Okinawa tour to enjoy photos" for best winner. I look forward to seeing your best Okinawa photo. Please send your photo, what's your best scenery?

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