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Catalyst to settle in Okinawa and current, 18th of Hiroshi Kuwamura's Photo & Column

post : 2016.09.29 06:00

Settled in Okinawa for about 13 years. Catalyst to settle here in Okinawa was traditional art and Sanshin. There something let me look back happens. Photo of traveling islands which is my lifework is about best part. Let me talk about how I'm doing now.

Recent news is to publish a new photo-essay book, "Zenryaku Minami nu Shimajima", and there was an event on 18 of Sep at "Cave Café". A couple days before that, I prayed for success of the publishing at Dai Sekirinzan which is recommended. I think this worked well. The dragon in the photo at the top answered by showing me a rainbow. I felt like that's a good sign.

I met a customer who debut as a shaman this year at when taking photos of traditional ritual in Iheya. This was impressive. Another customer came to the event to take 2 hours by bus. Ex-coworkers and my friends are all thankful to come to the event. I appreciate that a lot of people came to the event.

I made a phone call to Mr. Asazaki to ask for permission to use the music for the publishing event. He used to be my teacher of Amami-shimauta and taught me a lot of music and more. The conversation with him let me look back the starting point.

Speaking of Shimauta, new thing will start. The sound source collection made by Kazufumi Miyazawa, former member of "The BOOM", is donated to schools, libraries in Okinawa and associations of people from Okinawa overseas. This consist of 17 CDs of 269 songs and made by Okinawa's traditional folk songs such as area of Okinawa main island and islands around, Yaeyama islands, and Miyako islands. And it includes music of major Sanshin players with the late Mr. Seijin Noborikawa. I join this donation project.

Mr. Daiichi Hirata who wrote the new publishing book, "Zenryaku Minami nu Shimajima", told me about this donation project, I eventually joined. I feel to help for Shimauta even I was little bit away from that excusing busyness. I will always welcome support! (the triple rainbow showed when 1st mtg of addressing, I believe this is good sign)

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