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Photographer/Writer's Diary 058 Masayuki Sesoko

post : 2016.09.28 06:00

New book, "New Remote Island Traveling" was published on May(2015). This is about café, craftsman, guest houses, general stores on Fukue islands of Goto islands and Yoron island of Amami islands.

Not only introducing the typical information of the stores, atmosphere, thoughts of people to tell stories on islands.

Starting from Yoron island on Sep, 2014 where was used for filming of "Megane". I interviewed café, restaurant, beach, and some more recommended places in 2 days. 2nd place I went was Miyako island. I had 1 week to stay there to interview simple but unique stores. Moving to Irabu island, to Kurima island for cafe, to Fukue island of Goto islands, to Yaeyama islands, and last to islands on Seto inland sea. All interviews done on mid-Nov. Last location was Oh-shima, Imabari where I was interviewing with suntan in soft and cool wind. It was like traveling days.

I went Ishigaki, Kuroshima, Hateruma, Yonaguni, and Iriomote islands on Yaeyama islands on mid-Oct. I was worried about typhoon which can cancel everything that I scheduled for this interviewing travel. 

Yaeyama islands are something special and unique, that's what I felt. I feel gods exist closely. Awaji-shima is famous for spiritual spot. I can feel something without going to the spot. And I feel more when I went to Yaeyama. The only day ferry could go to Uehara port was the day I was on board during 1 week I stayed Ishigaki. I remember ferry to Hateruma had been canceled for a couple of days. Eventually the schedule went successfully. I feel something invisible power helped to complete this book.

Every island has different aspects, culture, population, food. Access to the islands, meeting new people, unique food, nature, are all fascinated to travel. Not only good aspect, but traveling gives people's life making your life spiritually richer.

I hope this book will help and make your trip richer.

Okinawa CLIP chief editor Masayuki Sesoko