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Photographer/Writer's Diary 003 Masumi Sasamoto

post : 2016.09.29 12:00

"What's good thing of Ishigaki?" I'm often asked. There are much to say, but beautiful sea, mountain, and people living in the great nature.

Fishermen, farmers, cattlemen, are all close and familiar with. So it is known that who produce the fish, beef, milk,  Vegetables or what I eat. It was something new feeling to me when I lived in Tokyo before moving to Okinawa.

Those reliable local people are cool. I see eatable vegetables and fruits on the streets, bananas, and papayas at garden. Going to pick seaweed to the beach. Fresh and new rice is provided every year and 3 harvests in a year.

Never forget to thank for the harvest.

Harvest festival, Kitigan, Tanadui, Ha-ri(dragon boat race) are traditional events showing people living with the nature.

Ishigaki and Taketomi is on water outage now(2014). Rain much less than usual made serious water shortage. A ritual for rain was done for the first time in a quarter century in Kohama island.

"Aren't you getting bored living in such a small island?" I'm often asked. I'm still throbbing even living for 7 years. As one of few writers in Yaeyama, I provide variety things happening in a small island.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto