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Photographer/Writer's Diary 041 Masumi Sasamoto

post : 2016.09.29 21:00

Visiting Kuroshima, a 25 minutes trip by ship from Ishigaki.

There was a cow with something like balloon on its hip.

I wonder what it is. A friend of mine told me "that's delivery". Oh, legs are coming out, I gotta call the cattle rancher! He answered "OK, I'll be there thanks", and came soon. He assume it takes about one hour, and the cow is calm. He came back one hour later, and says "well, not yet delivered, I have to check if something wrong". He pull the part of the legs by rope to prevent waste energy of cow. He was working for while, but didn't seem it's coming out.

So two additional friends came to help to pull it out.

2 minutes later, it happened!, and the cow falling down

Cattle rancher was telling me that "I will name your name if it's female". But it was male unfortunately.

Right soon, we give the calf massage by straw to make it dry and to facilitate the flow of blood unless the cow licks.

It was good experience to see the delivery even I was barely miss the ship to go back by a hair.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto