Okinawa Tourism Information:"NewTriptoRemoveIslands",fullinformationofYaeyamaandMiyakoIslands,alsoKorean

"New Trip to Remove Islands", full information of Yaeyama and Miyako Islands, also Korean

post : 2016.09.30 06:00

I feel like I'm somehow connected to Korea after moving to Okinawa. Once when event , I was a coordinator of guide books of Okinawa published in Korea. More of Korean tourists are coming to Okinawa recently like other countries. Okinawa CLIP is multilinguality. We are happy to inform about Okinawa to tourists on Kokusai St. and other tourist spots, and also spreading the information to the world.

The cover of Korean version is different from the original one.

I often see some tourists holding guide book, "New Okinawa Trip"(Korean and Chinese version). This makes me happy. The books I published describe minor local spots that only local people go rather than major tourists spots. So I believe not many people like it even in Japan, but some people like those even in other countries. It's interesting that language is different but we share the favorites. By the way, there is an island, Jeju-do where younger people open their small unique shops which is something like Okinawa. I hope to visit there someday. I heard people from Taiwan really like photos and taking it in and out of shops with friends and family. And also heard that people from Korea often ask for an autograph on their guide books which introduce shops as they go. It's interesting variety of ways to enjoy Okinawa trip.

Taiwan version is little bigger

I have more chances to contact with people from other countries in Okinawa than when I lived in Tokyo. I think this is one of the good things working in Okinawa. I realize that Okinawa is magnetic to gather tourists to enjoy their trips.

Okinawa CLIP Chief editor Masayuki Sesoko