Okinawa Tourism Information:ThreeVisits,aStoryofMunakata-do,Bakery

Three Visits, a Story of Munakata-do, Bakery

post : 2016.09.30 12:00

Visiting Munakata-do for gathering information for column. I wonder how many time I have visited there.

I visited three times for 4 pages of column because it's so close to my home and several places to take photos. First one was to wheat field in Onna-son, others are at the bakery in the morning and day time. They start working early at bakery.

Wheat field with ocean view which is great view.

Early morning, wood-fired stone stove. Fire in the dark.

Mr. Munakata working on bread making

Baking bread

I could take nice photos during day time. I was enjoying many different new shops one by one in Tokyo, on the other hand in Okinawa, visiting a shop again and again. I thought it might be kind of boring before coming to Okinawa, but I was wrong, visiting to same shop means getting more communication with owners and people who work at the shops, and helps to understand deeply about the shop,  Well, I'm not sure how much I can show you what I interviewed.(of course I'm trying to)

This is what I feel that one of the good things living in Okinawa.

The photos shown here are all secondary choices for books. A lot of photos are taken, but only a few will be on books so show you them here. An article about Munakata-do will be published on a magazine in the near future. Please look for it once published.

Okinawa CLIP Chief editor Masayuki Sesoko