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Chiffon Cake with a hint of miso - KIKU Miso Kakojo Yumekobo in Yaese Town Fluffy and moist with a touch of mom’s love

post : 2016.10.18 09:00

I have always had a special fondness for chiffon cake that has kept me on the lookout for the perfect one.

I finally found the cake I was looking for in a shop called KIKU Miso Kakojo Yumekobo (KIKU Miso Processing Plant Dream Studio) a business with an unusual history that – as its name suggests – actually got its start producing miso. The shop is located in Yaese Town and is always filled with local customers.

Owner Yoko Henna, who took over the business from her mother in 1987, is still passionate about miso and still makes it in her shop in addition to the cakes. She naturally ferments her miso with koji (malted rice) the way her mother used to make it and she plans to pass the recipe down to the next generations.

Closed every 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month

“My idea was not just to make sweets,” said Henna. “I always wanted to create cakes inspired by our miso and other healthy, local ingredients, like beni imo (Okinawa’s native purple sweet potato), okra and shikuwasa (citrus).”

Yoko’s husband began making cakes with her in 2005. As pastry chef, his creativity and expertise were instrumental in creating this unique miso chiffon cake recipe.

Son, Tsuneyoshi bakes over 100 chiffon cakes a day. His cookies and pastries are popular and sell out almost every day.

Tsuneyoshi himself went through years of training at the Renaissance Okinawa Resort for many years. The skills and experience gained at this world-class resort have made him a valuable asset to this family business.

Marbled Chocolate and seasonal chiffon cakes: 1,480 yen, Other chiffon cakes: 1,380 yen (tax included as of May, 2016) 

I found the Miso chiffon cake to be extraordinary fluffy and moist. The subtle sweetness and unmistakable miso flavor combined to give the a profound depth. A slight tinge of saltiness was just the right touch. A second slice is an easy choice.

The line up varies by the season but addition to my favorite miso, other selections are available, including island bananas, pumpkin, and local citrus (kaabuchi and shikuwasa), Okinawan brown sugar, okra and more! “We take to heart the Okinawan philosophy of yuimaaru (circle of ties and relations),” says Henna. “So we try to use local ingredients for all of our products.”

“And, our products are totally additive free.” Henna continues. “I was raised on natural ingredients by my mother who never gave us food with artificial colors. Back then, I wanted to drink colorful sodas like other kids but now I appreciate my mother’s efforts. You never know how artificial ingredients or chemicals foods will affect children. Safe and healthy is a priority in everything we make.”

The chiffon cake at KIKU Miso Kakojo Yumekobo has gained a great reputation through local reviews and word of mouth and is a local specialty of Yaese Town. It even won a place in Tokyo as one of the 100 Greatest Sweets Among 1,000 Women. It’s easy to enjoy this habit-forming confection!


The next time you visit Yaese Town, you will definitely want to add “KIKU Miso Kakojo Yumekobo to your itinerary


KIKU Miso Kakojo Yumekobo

Address: 254 Toume, Yaese Town, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa

Tel: 098-998-0219

Hours: 10:00~19:00

Closed: 2nd and 3rd Sunday

Photo by Sachiko, Okinawa CLIP