Okinawa Tourism Information:【Series】IslandBlessings,IslandFlavorsPart1“Tankan”

【Series】Island Blessings, Island Flavors Part 1 “Tankan”

post : 2014.03.20 16:00

Around January everywhere in the prefecture you can see signboards with “tankan” written on them.
We get naturally excited when we see tankan at unmanned vegetable stands, cooperative stores, road-side stations and farmers markets.

In Chinese characters tankan means “short pail”, named after the pails that used to be carried by Chinese peddlers.
In Okinawa the harvest starts around January, and the fruit can be enjoyed until the beginning of spring.

As bright as the sun, the flesh can of course be savored as it is,
but today we will introduce a recipe that uses it along with seasonal vegetables.  

【Tankan and Turnip Salad with Dill Sauce】

Add color to Okinawa just before spring with a winter staple vegetable, the “turnip”, and tankan.
Ingredients (4 servings)
1.1 Large Tankan (2 if small or medium sized)
2.2 Turnips
3.2 to 3 Bunches of Fresh Dill
4.Olive Oil
5.Cashew Nuts
7.Yogurt (or Soymilk)
8.Lemon Juice

1.Peel the tankan, then softly remove the pith
2.Slice the turnips (16 slices)
3.Take the flowers and a few leaves from the dill for decoration
Coarsely chop the rest of the leaves and the stem
4.Put (3) and olive oil (2 tablespoons), salt (1.5 teaspoon), cashew nuts (half a cup), yogurt (3 tablespoons), a dash of lemon juice , 1 clove of garlic into a blender and grind.
5.Garnish a flat dish to your taste, pour olive oil around the plate,  gently spoon the sauce (4) in between tankan and turnip slices.

It is also good if you add black pepper and other spices to taste.  

A great springy dish to enjoy on a day off with friends and family!

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