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Beach front inn with lots of green view Rent a whole house for your vacation in Okinawa

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Kafuwa Nanjo is a rental house on the beach with one of the world's treasures located close by.

Nanjo City is located on the south side of Okinawa's main island. This southern area is more relaxing than the north where you see a lot of high end hotels. Seefaautaki (world heritage sites), Chinen Cape Park (pretty scenic view point), Nirai Kanai Bridge are the popular places to visit. The many cafes in this area with great views are also nice options for getting relaxed with coffee and a nice meal.


Kafuwa Nanjo is located in Nanjo City about a 45-minute drive from Naha Airport. The location is convenient, with only a 30-second walk to Azama Sun-Sun beach. Whole-house rental started in 2015.

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The beach is a popular for its white sand and a view of Kudaka island. The beautiful beach is used by many people for swimming during summer and as a dog run in winter.


Let’s take a tour of this modern looking inn. Two double beds in the room are placed together, making both room and sleeping space very spacious.


There is a Japanese room furnished with Ryukyu tatami mats. This is a great room for kids to play. You will notice a skylight on the ceiling for gazing at stars when you lie down at night.



There is also a comfortable sofa.



A kitchenette allows you to cook.

Hammocks and a nicely maintained lawn can be seen through the windows. A view of beautiful mountains is behind the garden. The deep green of the mountains captures your attention. Feel the beauty of nature!



The owner pays attention from corner to corner to maintain the most comfort and  cleanliness. You don’t have to worry about the next room because as it is a whole-house rental – your dog can even stay with you. Strollers and beds for babies, washing machines and and dryers are available as are life jackets and snorkel gear for beach activities.



Owner, Mr. Nakamura also has houses to rent in Ginowan City and Urasoe City. Those houses were once military housing. He is also very knowledgeable about Okinawa if you have any questions.


“I want my guests to experience lots of nature to find their own Okinawa here,” He said.


Enjoy the blue ocean, splendor of nature and beautiful green mountains of Kafuwa Nanjo. You would feel Okinawa life.

Azama Sun-sun Beach



Kafuwa Nanjyo(かふーわなんじょう)

Address: 1126-1 Azama, Chinen, Nanjo City, Okinawa

Tel: 090-1947-0122

Room charge: 12,500 yen per person per room, *prices may vary

Kafuwa Ginowan



Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Akiko Ono