Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoycampingonIheyaisland(PR)CollaborationissueofbetweenRitohakuandOkinawaCLIP

Enjoy camping on Iheya island (PR) Collaboration issue of between Ritohaku and Okinawa CLIP

post : 2016.11.08 12:00

Iheya Island is located at the northernmost tip of Okinawa prefecture and is a popular destination for camping. Iheya Island Yonezaki is a campground that offers tents and BBQ sets for rent. The ferry Iheya III takes you to Iheya Village Maedomari Port from Unten Port located in Nakijin Village on the main island. The ferry ride takes about 80 minutes. Enjoy your trip!


Let’s stroll around Iheya island before going to the campground.


Rice farming is a main industry on this island. It is not often that people in Okinawa get to see rice growing like this.

Three hundred year-old pine tree Nento Hiramatsu has been designated a national treasure of Okinawa prefecture. Kumaya Cave is a great place to visit as well. The cave has a myth called Ama no Iwato.

Time to camp before dawn!


Enjoy camping and lots of nature on Iheya island

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