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Umibudo seaweed shop “Puchi-puchi” Enjoy umibudo in ice cream and shabu shabu

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A unique local product: Umibudo. This extraordinary seaweed shaped like tiny grapes on the vine that go “pop” in your mouth and carry the scent of ocean.  Nowadays many people are familiar with this edible seaweed and it has become a very popular souvenir item from Okinawa. Still this popular souvenir has only been available at stores for ten-odd years, so it is relatively new to a great many people.

Umibudo seaweed with citrus dressing and umibudo ice cream can be purchased on line at

A special umibudo set with two kinds of dressing

Uminchi in Itoman City is one of the major umibudo farms. They provide information about the seaweed to people all over the world. A set of umibudo ice cream, umibudo salt, special dressing, olive oil and a Ryukyu drinking glass is their special gift item. Okinawa nabe shabu is a set of umibudo, local vegetables, local meats and local seafood. This Okinawan hot pot set has been available since last winter.

Enjoy umibudo with original shiikuwaasaa citrus dressing


Usually umibudo is served with soy sauce and vinegar on a glass plate -- and often with alcohol.  But why not as a part of western dishes or even desserts?

Umibudo is also good with natto, eggs, tofu or in soup. This delicate seaweed has been called “green caviar.” Some people serve it on canapés, or add it to paella or bouillabaisse. It goes very well with olive oil, which gives it an enjoyable texture.

Now, do you want to add umibudo to your list of culinary ingredients? Please know that you should not keep umibudo in the refrigerator because they can’t take cold temperatures.

Umibudo ice cream


Umibudo ice cream is a great idea! You will enjoy the interesting texture. A slight saltiness brings out gentle sweetness. Served on a plate, it looks like an elegant dessert from a fancy restaurant.

Four flavors are available. Each scoop contains six bunches of umibudo. The pink acerola flavor has lots of pulp and is full of vitamin C. “When you feel fatigued, try this,” said Yamashiro the inventor of this flavor.  “You’ll feel refreshed.”


The smiling lady is Yuki Yamashiro. She started the umibudo business and she has been running everything solo.


She decided to add passion fruits and pineapples to ice cream for health and beauty reasons. She even uses seeds in the passion fruit flavor. The salty milk flavor contains chunks of chinsuko (traditional Okinawan cookies). The combination of milk and lard is amazing. Chinsuko cookies are from Arakaki Kami Kashiten, one of the oldest confectioners in Okinawa. She uses Yukishio salt, which contains a lot of minerals.


Yamashiro is particular about each ingredient in her ice cream. Please visit her shop, Puchi puchi in her umibudo farm Uminchi.  Her farm and products provide you with a chance to learn more about umibudo. We Okinawa CLIP introduced her umibudo experience program on our website.

Umibudo with citrus dressing and various ice creams are available at



Reference article: “Harvest at the Sea Grape Plantation”



Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Aya Asakura