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Great photo shooting spots for sacred Kudaka island

post : 2016.12.04 08:00


Kudaka Island located in the southern area is known as a sacred island. Once upon a time, the god Amamikiyogami created Ryukyu Islands. That is the local legend. Now, tradition dictates that visitors are not allowed to remove anything from the island, not even a small rock. Kudaka Island is best reached via 30-minute ferry ride from Azama Port in Nanjo City. Some people hesitate to go to the island because of the myth or their negative images as tourists. So why not take photos from the main island? I know some great spots for that!

Niraikanai Bridge is a great spot. As you drive on the bridge, you will notice the beautiful ocean view. There is a scenic spot where you can stop and get a three-dimensional view of Kudaka Island.

You may consider checking out another spot: Café Kurukuma (1190 Chinen, Chinen, Nanjo City, Okinawa). Make sure to take an outside seat. Kudaka Island, Komaka Island, coral reefs and the blue ocean are all great photo-ops from this spot.


Cape Chinen Park might be the nearest vantage point to Kudaka Island. This is the view from the parking area. This area is a perfect place for paragliding on sunny days. You can reach Ganjyueki Nanjo by foot. The observatory there is another great shooting spot.


The view from Cape Chinen is great at around sunrise. Kudaka Island is located off the coast of the main island. You can see the beautiful island lit by sunshine in the morning. Also, the moonlight on the ocean towards the island is very mysterious on a full moon night.


Seefaautaki, a world heritage site, is another place to visit to enjoy the Kudaka view. Only a few holy men who received permission by Ryukyu kingdom could step in this sacred area because it was said to be created by the deity Amamikiyogami. After you go through the area called Sanguui, the view of Kudaka will be on your left.

I would say this is the best spot: the new parking area at sacred Tidaukkaa (China, Chinen, Nanjo City, Okinawa). Park near the ocean and Kudaka Island can be seen right before you. You might want to visit right after sunrise. The view is outstanding.


I have now introduced my favorite spots. Please let us know your favorite spots for a Kudaka Island view!


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)