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Shimarobata Fuji – charcoal grilling with island ingredients

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Shimarobata Fuji opened in February, 2016 on route 58 in Onna Village. The restaurant has only a counter with 12 seats and 6 charcoal braziers. Recognizable by its distinctive red lantern, it is quite a small restaurant bar for this area. It may be small, but there are big advantages for customers: you can see the fresh ingredients right in front of you and enjoy conversation with staff. The timing of the service is very important for charcoal grilling.  You will enjoy hot food and a choice of alcoholic beverages. The owner, Kei Konishi who is originally from Kyoto welcomes you with a warm smile and great service.


Salted pork belly or, suuchikaa, was served at first. “Suu” means salt and “chikaa” means to soak or pickle in the Okinawan dialect. This is a traditional local food – like an Okinawan prosciutto – from the days when there were no refrigerators. Konishi prepares it by searing one side so the meat holds its moisture. The juiciness and the saltiness of the meat go well with alcohol drinks.

The aguu pork shoulder is a great item to try here. Only salt and pepper is used for seasoning, but you will like the sweetness of the meat.


Ground aguu meatballs have a crunchy texture with a refreshing shiso (Japanese herb) flavor.


The aguu tongue was not sliced but served whole. The tip of tongue has a nice texture and the bottom part is tender and flavorful. You will notice the difference.


Local vegetables such as naaberaa (squash), goya (bitter melon) or beniimo (purple sweet potato) are available. Konishi even pays attention to how vegetables are cut for the best taste. You can use salt, oil, miso paste or soy sauce for flavor. If you are not sure about the way to eat anything, just ask the staff.


Hot pot items are also available. Local pork belly and cartilage in a salt-based soup is served after two days of simmering until everything becomes melting tender. Adding rice to the bowl makes a delicious porridge.


House-made aasaa (seaweed) fish cake has the great flavor of the ocean. Burning part of it just a little adds much to the flavor.


If you like seafood, aasaa miso yaki is a great item to try. They sear a white fish fillet with seaweed and miso paste. The fillet comes out fluffy and flavorful. The kind of fish used varies depending on what is caught that day.


For dessert, mitarashi mochi is served free with appreciation. The house-made brown sugar syrup and roasted soy bean powder is a great combination.


Mr. Konishi moved to Okinawa because he fell in love with the islands' culinary ingredients, beautiful ocean and warmhearted people. He values simplicity in cooking to bring out the best flavor from the ingredients. In his restaurant he strives to provide great food, a welcoming ambiance and excellent service. Konishi always pursues the complete combination of those three elements. Because of his warm personality and delicious food, the restaurant is always filled with locals and repeat visitors from all over the world.


This is a terrific dinner choice if you want to try something delicious and unique during your stay.


Shimarobata Fuji

Address: 129-5 Fuchaku, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

Tel: 098-964-1222

Hours: 18:00–24:00 (L.O. 23:00)

Closed: Wednesday


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Yu Murakami