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Vietnamese sandwich cafe NY in Yomitan Village, a place to relax

post : 2016.12.19 08:00

Yomitan is the most populated village in Japan. One area, Nagahama, is known as the village's fashion center. Nagahama is popular with transplants from the mainland and foreign residents who live in beautiful new houses and apartments. People call Nagahama the “Beverly Hills of Yomitan.” It is here near the seashore that cozy cafe NY is located.

Enjoy the specialty bánh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) while gazing out at the sea.

Owner Kanako Tsuha  moved to Okinawa from Tokyo because she loved the climate. The quiet and the beautiful ocean of Nagahama in particular appealed to her. When she lived in Tokyo, Tsuha used to enjoy wonderful bánh mi at a Vietnamese restaurant. When she came to Okinawa, she was inspired to open a bánh mi restaurant of her own. Even though it’s a simple recipe, the passion she puts into it makes it very tasty.

Homey noises from toaster oven, the clinking of utensils, the mixing of seasonings with oil and so on can be heard along with the proprietress’s soft-spoken voice and the sounds of the beautiful ocean…These are some of the things that make cafe NY such a relaxing place to be.


Bánh mi choices include Homemade Ham and Cream Cheese or Spicy Chicken. Sandwiches also contain accouterments such as daikon, carrots, cilantro and cucumbers. Add some Vietnamese-style chili sauce made of lemon grass, garlic and deep fried local chili peppers (all grown locally). Eggs and butter-free breads come from Otonariya – also located in Yomitan.


Tsuha does her best to communicate with customers while they wait for their orders. For now, her customers are mainly from other countries but she also appreciates her Japanese customers. This is a great place to stop by for snack.



Reading this article, you may be wondering why the shop is called cafe NY. It turns out that NY is also the name of the bar located next to the shop -- which is owned by her husband. cafe NY is only three days a week and closes when all the sandwiches are sold out. Tsuha is planning to extend the hours in the future, once she has more time. For now, the sandwiches are very satisfying and beautiful Nagahama is most relaxing

cafe NY

Address: 135-3 Nagahama, Yomitan Village, Okinawa


Hours: from 11:30 until sold out

Closed: Sunday-Wednesday

Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Yu Murakami