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13th Tedako Walk 2014

post : 2014.03.26 16:00

On February 1st and 2nd the largest walk in the prefecture, the "Tedako Walk", took place. The first day the weather was fine for walking, and the sun was shining so much it would seem like a lie to call it winter.
Unfortunately, there was a break in the weather, but no losing to the rain! Early in walking the walkers with smiles on their faces got together with alacrity.

There were 7,628 participants this time!
There were a number of people who came from outside of the prefecture for this day.
I think the attraction of the Tedako Walk is that anyone can casually experience and enjoy nature, the colors of the flowers, and the culture of Okinawa, and also World Heritage Sites and power spots, while taking a slow walk and working up a sweat.

Things worth noting are the Taiwan cherry blossoms, the fastest blooming cherry blossoms in Japan, just reaching full bloom and the large sunflowers winter. In Okinawa flowers bloom year-round but these are particular to the season.

Along the course in some places, you can see the grass, flowers, trees and rocks and get a feel of the "Okinawaness".

In the town, the people cheer and are hospitable, passing out water for rehydration and snacks.

They also cheer people on with dancing and music.
This area greeted the participants with an Okinawan lion dance.

Among the participants, there are a lot of people from outside the prefecture, so the possibility of building a rapport is another draw of this walk.
After returning to the venue, the participants that reached the goal are treated to live performances.

The participants are treated to a free meal and music, which is almost beyond hospitable.
There is also a "Walker Welcome Gathering" at the end of the first day.

Outside of the blue sky and sea, and Okinawa's history and culture, whether you are a couple, family or by yourself, with this event you can get a feel for the unique atmosphere of Okinawa.

There are also a few brave souls from outside the prefecture who participate every year.
After participating once, it seems everyone gets hooked on the attraction of Okinawa.
For those parents who normally get enough exercise, why not bring the kids along and participate?

By car or monorail is fine but stepping on the ground while walking can give you a chance to see an Okinawa you don't normally notice.
For sure, walking Okinawa is the best way to know and enjoy it.

13th Urasoe Two Day March Tedako Walk 2014
~Tedako no Machi/ Urasoe Amakuma Arucchin Roman Walk~

Event Days: February 1st-2nd (The event is over)
Inquiries: Tedako no Toshi/ Urasoe "Amakuma Arucchin Roman Walk" Planning Committee
Tel: 098-876-1234 (ext. 6163)

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