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Ginowan City's Petite, authentic French pastry shop nanan_pipeline.

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The pastry shop is located on Pipeline Dori (Route 271) in Ginowan City.


nanan_pipeline's chef has always loved sweets, which he has made since childhood.  A year before the shop's grand opening, he went to Paris, France. He worked at restaurants, all the while sampling the offerings of various local patisseries to get to know more about French pasties.


He often saw old men shopping at pastry shops alone. That seems a very natural there but was not something he saw much of in Japan. He wanted to open that kind of shop. His thought was that pastry shops should be places that everybody should be able to stop by without any hesitation.



Baked goods include pound cakes, gâteaux au chocolat, madeleines and other traditional French sweets. Preparation for certain items begins two days prior to when you see them at the store. Chef knows just the right amount of time needed to bring out the best taste for each sweet.


The pound cakes are sold in slices – with each slice cut small – because Chef wants people to taste the different varieties. Brown sugar instead of white is used, making the mild sweetness and full flavor of the ingredients more enjoyable.


Samplers are available: brown sugar ginger, mango coconut, lemon poppy seed, dried fruit with rum and more!



Gâteau au chocolat with raspberries has nice, crunchy texture on the outside. You will also enjoy the flavor of the liqueur and the moist texture. This one is for adults.



The pumpkin spice cheese cake is made from cinnamon and allspice mixed with local pumpkin paste. This as a spicy flavor with sweetness from the pumpkin.



Women love the carrot cake. Chopped walnuts add a nice texture in your mouth while the cream cheese and butter frosting add the perfect finish.



My personal favorite is the gluten-free orange cake. Almond flour instead of regular flour is used and fresh orange juice with the pulp is blended into batter. The tartness with fresh orange flavor are sublime.


The shop will be featuring other gluten-free sweets soon so please be patient!



nanan_pipeline is open three days a week (Mon-Wed). Conceived on a journey through France, Chef's baked recipes were born of the inspiration and experience of travel. His confections are never too sweet or strong so you can enjoy them every day.



Address: Thomas Oyama 1F, 1-5-12 Oyama, Ginowan City, Okinawa

Tel: 080-7985-7836

Open Monday through Wednesday

Hours: 11:00–17:00

Mail order is available at

Limited parking (two spaces)



Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko