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Try beauty soap made with local ingredients at SuiSavon in Shuri, Naha City

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Have you ever experienced nostalgia when you smelled something? There is a part of your brain called the hippocampus that controls your memories and feelings. When it is stimulated by scents from your past, memories return.


SuiSavin (shuri soap) opened in October, 2016. their slogan is “scents of memories.” They carry different kinds of soap that may remind you of the days 20 or 30 years in the past.

The aromas come from 100 percent natural essential oil such as shiikuwaasaa (local citrus,) gettou (shell ginger), rosemary, tea tree, mint and geranium.


“It would be wonderful if you remember Okinawa every time you use the soap,” said general manager Naoto Nakada. Natural aromas may have a stronger influence on relaxation than artificial ones.


Sliced cakes of soap can be placed in the closet or bathroom to give these areas a pleasing scent.


SuiSavon’s soaps are great for their relaxing aroma, but are also wonderful for skincare. Oils are extracted using a special process that contributes to their beautifying properties. Local ingredients used are acelora, aloe, passion fruit, gettou (shell ginger), shiikuwaasaa (local cistrus), pineapple, hibiscus, papaya, Chinese okra, seaweed, local salt and honey.


“They’re as good as an acne treatment cream,” said one customer according to Nakada. ”My skin has gotten brighter,” said another. “Our soaps are like a healthy meal for your skin,” Nakada says. “They make your skin beautiful and healthy.”


The soap in the photo was created by a customer. The scent, color and ingredients are all organic and gentle enough for babies and sensitive skin.


Please choose five from eight kinds of soap. This special set makes a wonderful gift.


In addition to soaps, kaoridama (scent balls) are popular items for closets and cars. It is really too bad that you the reader cannot experience the sweet and romantic scent on your web browser. Jasmine and sweet pea aromas are also available.



Next time you’re in Shuri, why not get someone a thoughtful souvenir of Okinawan scents? SuiSavon is just a five-minute walk from Shurijo Castle.



SuiSavon–Shuri Soap

Address: 2-13 Shuritounokuracho, Naha City, Okinawa

Tel: 098-885-0113

Hours: 9:00—18:00 




Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko