Okinawa Tourism Information:Afull-coursemealinthecave?ProducedbyOkinawaMICE(BusinesseventsinOkinawa)(PR)

A full-course meal in the cave? Produced by Okinawa MICE (Business events in Okinawa) (PR)

post : 2017.01.28 18:00


I would like to introduce you Gangara no Tani (Gangara Valley) located in Tamagusuku, Nanjo City. Cave Café near the entrance of the valley is famously unique. The café is a coffee shop during day and turns into a reservation-only party place at night. More than 30 parties for various occasions were held there last year.



There are some great reasons why special programs and events are held at Gangara no Tani. MICE (Note 1) and Unique Venue (Note 2) are concepts related to the programs.


Note 1: MICE stands for Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions. The total event can be expected to attract people from all over the world with its interactions.

Note 2: Unique Venue refers to a special place for events that have regional and historical significance.


In order to understand the reason why Gangara no Tani is the one of the Unique Venue selections,  let me first explain what kind of place the valley is. The cave in the valley was a small village tens of thousands of years ago, and ancient artifacts have been found one after another in the area. The cave is now a tourist spot for the café and the cavern tour. Recently, I attended an event there that introduced new commercial goods, which hosted about hundred people who enjoyed a wonderful course meal.

*Courtesy of the prefectural and tourism funding support program in 2016


Live, ancient music welcomed us on the way to the meeting area for the tour and torches beautifully lined the passage to the cave.


Classical music was playing at the cave café. The transition from primitive to the sophisticated classical music made me as though I had traveled through time. The party area, adorned with lights, a high ceiling and many tables and chairs was like a fancy restaurant adding an elegant atmosphere to the cave.


The course meal was provided by Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa in Itoman City. In terms of quality, it was more than a casual meal—and I could not believe it was served in the cave. A fancy, full-course meal provided Okinawa Marriott Resort and Spa was also available.


I really enjoyed each course, served one at a time, with the live music echoing through the natural cave. It was almost unreal.


As the main course was served, the special guest attraction took the stage. Sumiko Yoseyama is one of top jazz singers from Okinawa. All were mesmerized by her beautiful voice.

In fact, the cave is often used for concerts, so sound equipment can be ordered according to your needs. Accordion player coba and other professional musicians all say that the acoustics in the cave are amazing.


It was obvious that attendees were satisfied with the event. You can see their enjoyment of the event in a short movie clip below.



The event was put on as a showcase for businesses and companies related to MICE. If you have a party or event that would benefit from this beautiful and unique venue, check one of their brochures or call Gangara no Tani.





Gangara no Tani

Address: 202 Maekawa, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa

Tel: 098-948-4192 (9:00—18:00)



* Open year-round

* Free parking available

* Parties available with reservations at nighttime only

* Parties should be reserved one month prior to the preferred date





2016 Prefectural and tourism funding support program