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Yuka Isozaki - Flower artist Souka Expressing “the feelings” with Okinawan plant

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Okinawa has a warm climate usually with temperatures of 15C or more throughout a year. Plants that grow in Okinawa have lots of energy. As Flower artist Souka - Yuka Isozaki knows. She is a flower artist and she's as full of energy as her local plants.


Isozaki moved to Okinawa from Tokyo in May of 2012. When I asked her about the life in Tokyo, she describes it as packed trains, concrete buildings and fake-looking plants.

She and a friend took a ten-day trip to Okinawa staying in Yomitan Village. They were impressed with the nature, singing birds, blue skies,  blue ocean, lively plants and glorious sun. Isozaki was moved by the natural energy. She describes her impression that Okinawa was calling her. Soon after her trip, she decided to move to Okinawa. She started working in flower arrangement which she had studied.


Her bouquets are made with chemical-free flowers and herbs and her flower crafts made with Gettou (shell ginger) leaves are very popular. The name for gettou is souka on Minami Daito Island. But she didn’t even know that when she chose her artist name of Souka.

Sou can mean to decorate, arrange, care and accompany depending on the Chinese characters used.


I ordered a bouquet with a theme of “wild”. After having solid image of the order, she chose the minimum number of plants for the arrangement. She even cares about the lives of plants. Isozaki told me that she appreciates plant lives as  much as customers' feelings.


After harvesting and placing the plants in order on the table. She finished by bundling the bouquet with a stem string of Gettou. The bouquet was made with wing bean, chive, tuberoses, mulberry, Thai basil, rosemary, Ryukyu bush clover, beach vitex , lemon grass, vetiver, Gettou and roselle. Out of 12 kinds of plants, the small white flowers of the chive were most impressive. I never thought a bouquet could contain so much fun and discovery in it. Her bouquet game a nice surprise.


Resort weddings are very popular in Okinawa and Isozaki receives orders for bouquets and flower decor for many weddings. The first thing she does after taking an order is ask about the customer’s hopes, then she asks the couple to send her some pictures so she can make a perfect match of the bouquet and flower decorations to the ceremony. According to her, the picture is a very important element for completion. Until the very wedding day, the couple won’t be able to see her flower creations, but they are anxious and look forward to them. I am sure any couple will be impressed with Isozaki's beautiful bouquets and the flower decorations on the big day.

Photo provided by PHOTO STUDIO OUCHI


Earth colors look great on Isozaki. She is probably always energetic because she works with plants that are full of energy. In addition to creating bouquets, she holds workshops like Gettou crafting or flower arranging. If you are interested, check her Facebook page or website. The beauty of her plants and her smile would comfort your. Find the charm of Okinawa at her shop.


「Flower artist Souka, Yuka Isozaki




Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Yu Murakami