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Visit an Atelier “Tobo Tsuchibito” in Uruma City 【PR】

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Sugarcanes are blowing in the wind, and its sound moves across Kawasaki area in Uruma City. An atelier / gallery is located in this neighborhood. 

Yoshiriki Yamada, a potter at Tobo Tsuchibito, makes his potteries by using a good-old “kick wheel.”

He uses clay which is the mixture of soil and well water. The soil was the one that he sought all over Okinawa, and the clay was kneaded with a lot of soul. 

He puts his heart and soul into his job, kicks and spins the wheel, and makes potteries. He has serious eyes for them and makes one and another as he talks to the spinning clay.

Each pottery with simple but fine-featured face is waiting quietly to be fired in a kiln. 

Yoshiriki was attracted to potteries and wandered into the world of clay before he knows it. He adds his personality into clay and fire in nature, so each of his work can glimpse the simple and kinder sides of him.

The world of Tsuchibito is created by adding the artist’s personality and linking to the image of pottery and his real self.

His potteries can be perfect for any dishes, so the easily cooked dishes I made even look good with these potteries. 

Chihiro, Yoshiriki’s wife and his #1 supporter, makes the classic cute shisa. Unlike the regular shisa that we see usually, her shisa features unique facial expression and it looks impressive. She is currently taking a break from making shisa after giving birth to a baby, but I am counting days until her shisa lines up at the atelier again.

A gallery is located in the back of the atelier, and anybody might be possible to look around the gallery if you make a call beforehand. You might able to purchase potteries if some are available at the gallery. 

It is also recommended to visit this atelier while feeling the breeze of sugarcane fields which blows from Tengan River.


Tobo Tsuchibito
Address: 151 Kawasaki, Uruma City
Tel: 098-972-6990
Closed: Irregular (Confirmation required via telephone)

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