Okinawa Tourism Information:BrightBlueBeachisNearYou!“tinto*tinto,”theHideawaywhereOnly1FamilyCanStayPerDay

Bright Blue Beach is Near You!
“tinto*tinto,” the Hideaway where Only 1 Family Can Stay Per Day

post : 2017.04.13 18:00

When I entered the site of accommodation, I could not take my eyes of the widespread bright blue beach over the grass. This is Uppama Beach where not many people get crowded even during the summer, and you can see Kouri Island over the beach. 

This is an accommodation in Nakijin Village named “tinto * tinto” which means heaven and sky, and only 1 family can stay here per day.

The owner, Yusuke Emoto and his wife moved to Okinawa just 4 days after their wedding ceremony.

His wife used to stay in Australia as a working holiday-maker, so they were talking about living and raising their children in a place with rich nature. That was the main reason why they moved to Okinawa. 

Actually, Yusuke’s parents manage an accommodation called “Machan-machan” next to “tinto*tinto.” So, Yusuke was thinking of involving a job that has something to do with travel.

Luckily, he was able to purchase a piece of land next to “Machan-machan,” so his dream came true earlier than he thought and finally opened his ideal accommodation. 

1 Japanese-western room with 2 three-quarter beds and a small Japanese style space is offered at the accommodation.

The space features Japanese cedar and Ryukyu tatami mat, and its modern atmosphere is good enough to get relaxed. When you look at the window, the beautiful beach stretches throughout the window.

The most attractive part of this accommodation is that the convenient equipment is useable for guests. The equipment includes an electric pot, microwave, toothbrush for children, and stool.

A space to take their shoes off, tatami mat space, and boarded terrace that connects to indoor. These are good facilities for small children.

Why this room is so family friendly?

“My son was 1 year old when we opened this accommodation. That was the reason why we knew what guests needed. I wanted to offer a room that families with small children can enjoy together.” 

Another popular thing at this accommodation is the breakfast that is cooked with ingredients of Okinawa (breakfast plan only). Since bitter melon, mozuku seaweed, Okinawan pork, yushi dofu (fluffy tofu), and other Okinawan dishes are in one meal, guests can enjoy eating many Okinawan dishes little by little. These potteries were made by artists in Okinawa.

Even guests with small children can enjoy eating meals and relax without any hesitation, so this is a good thing for families. Also, guests can purchase favorite potteries and items that are lined up at a café room.

Uppama Beach is 5 minutes away from the room on-foot, and the beach with shoals has white sand.

A marine equipment shop which is cooperating with the accommodation is located at the beach, and guests are able to rent a table with a tent during summer time. That is why many guests arrive at the accommodation earlier and play at the beach all day long.

Wide sky and relaxing beach. A spot where “tinto * tinto” is located in the spot where is especially quiet and filled with full of nature in Nakijin Village. This spot offers slow and unforgettable time of Okinawa.


**P.S. **
When I requested an interview through the telephone, I felt that it must be a good accommodation by the way Yusuke corresponded to me. And I was exactly correct! He was cheerful, friendly, and showed concern even for small detail. I thought one of the reason why there are many repeat guests at this accommodation is because he has a good personality.


tinto * tinto
Address: 385-1 Tokijin, Nakijin Village
Tel: 0980-56-5998
Fee: starting from 11,000 yen – (1 adult / day)


*Guests can also make a reservation for the sister accommodation “Machan-machan.” Guests can stay here with no meals, and elementary school students and older are allowed to stay here. Fee: starting from 7,500 yen – (1 adult / day) 


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akiko Ono