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Butterflies Fly Over Natural Green Garden at “Natural Café Niffera”

post : 2017.04.19 18:00

Tsuboya Yachimun (pottery) Street, known as a tourist spot in Naha City. After passing good-old style of houses with tiled roofs and walking for about 5 minutes, you can find “Natural Café Niffera” at a spot where a natural green garden spreads.

Banana tree, shell ginger, shiikwasaa (Taiwan tangerine), and mango grow thickly at the garden there. These plants grow only in southern land or country.

Naoko Takakura is an owner of this cafe. Her grandmother used to live in this site, and a 170-year-old fukugi tree (common garcinia) is still growing here. 

Rice Paper butterflies fluttered their big wings and flied through the greens, and the greens catch light and shine. This is where people can get relaxed every time they visit here.

Butterflies were flying with a good feeling.

“Natural Café Niffera” which is located in such place opens only in the morning. It offers breakfast menu from 8:00, and the last order is 10:00.

The reason why it opens only in the morning is because of the short stay apartment, and it is located on the 2nd floor and above of the same building as this the café. Takakura wanted to offer vegetarian breakfast with Okinawa’s energetic vegetables, fruits, and plants to every guests and visitors around the area. That was why she opened the café.  

The menu including colorful açaí bowl with fruits, smoothie, 

and a vegan plate with no animal products.

You can add superfoods to açaí bowl and eat. Superfoods are effective for anti-aging and detox, and you can add 2 extra toppings for your preference just by paying 200 yen more. The toppings include maca and moringa.

If you were not enough for vegetarian foods, you can order eggs benedict with soft half-boiled eggs and breads.

Since the café sticks to the vegetarian foods, organic and natural cultivation are used to cook each dish. All ingredients are energetic, so customers can be highly satisfied with vegetables and fruits only dishes. 

Moreover, Takakura and Dingo are both vegans, so it is easy for them to cook delicious dishes without using any animal product.

Takakura used to study vegetarian food in Bali and Tokyo, and Dingo is a former executive chef at a restaurant in Australia. 

Most of all, I was glued to Dingo’s muscular arms! Of course, it is because he is a pro-wrestler from Ryukyu Dragon Pro-Wrestling. He built muscular body by eating mainly vegetables! He made me want to learn more about vegetarian food after I saw his arms.

Yoga class is ongoing on Monday (shop holiday) and Wednesday mornings (before café opens).

“Morning is the most peaceful time in a day. I wanted everybody to start a day with a beautiful and positive energy and a happy feeling.” Takakura explained the reason why she started yoga class. 

Heal with eyes, and charge energy by eating. This is where everybody can feel the blessing of the plants very deeply and also reset yourself mentally and physically.

Rice Paper butterfly is designated as the official butterfly of Naha City. Did you know that its pupa changes the color to shiny golden color before it develops to the adult stage? You can see those rare pupas at Café Niffera (however, you can see caterpillars as well lol). Let’s witness the mystery of nature!


Café Niffera
Address: 1-13-19 1F Tsuboya, Naha City
Tel: 098-868-8636
Business Hours: 8:00 – 10:00 (opens only for breakfast)
*Seats are available inside the café as well.


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Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akiko Ono