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Serial/Moving to Okinawa ② "Make-up Artist" Rie Morimoto's Case 3/4

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Rie Morimoto graduated from a famous French cosmetology school at the top of her class, worked in New York and was a make-up artist for trendy magazines, actresses and celebrities in Tokyo.
When she was at the forefront of her brilliant career after the earthquake disaster, she moved to Okinawa and started a completely different life.
We will tell her story in four parts.

In this third installment, we asked about her impression of Okinawa since moving.

Wasn't it difficult to change from your work-filled life in Tokyo to something completely different?

Morimoto: Here I am renting a field and doing farm work.
In the hamlet where I am living, there are quite a few fields not being used. So I asked a district social worker if I could rent a field, and I got a 660 sq. m sugarcane field that was not being used lent to me.

660 sq. m, that's a lot!
So what are you making in that field?

Morimoto: Other than rice, common vegetables and herbs, barley and soybeans.

Are the herbs in this tea homegrown?

Morimoto: Yeah, this is peppermint which I grew in my field, centella and malic acid. Centella is a precious herb that in Ayurveda is said to rejuvenate and improve memory.  
It is said that in India when they meditate or study for a test they drink it a lot.

You know a lot about medicinal herbs.
How did you attain that knowledge?

Morimoto: In Okinawa there are a lot of wild grass workshops and study groups, wild grass cafes and people who know about wild grasses, so when I have time I go to study groups and ask the older women in the neighborhood.
I use wild grasses in many places in my life not only when making tea but wild grasses for eating and wild grasses for herbal baths.

After the earthquake, I hear that people from many different fields of work move here to live with nature.
Has anything changed about your impression of Okinawa since moving?

Morimoto: Now that things are speeding up, it feels like I am being overrun, but Okinawa is perfect and preserves the feeling of good old Japan.
The feeling of being satisfied by the environment is utterly new.
I think the rest of Japan has to become like this soon.
Now, I have the new discovery of finding what my goal is because I feel I am overdoing it.

Yes, the flow of time is different in Okinawa. And in that you get the impression that they are protecting a unique culture.

Morimoto: Also, I think in Tokyo it is an easy environment for adults to live in but difficult for children and the elderly. But in Okinawa a lot of people say "children are treasures."
When going out to eat or something, children are not treated as hindrances.
There are a lot of kids in Okinawa.   
There are grandparents pushing around baby strollers with their grandkids in them and taking them to the supermarket and the hospital. And those grandchildren respect and cherish their elders. Adults cherish the children, and I think it is wonderful that all the generations care for each other equally.

Familial connections are really strong in Okinawa!
There is a culture of relatives getting together often to do things.
Do you often interact with locals?

Morimoto: I have a lot of friends that are locals. Due to going to nursery school and giving make-up lessons.

So did you make a lot of friends through your work?

Morimoto: If you open your antenna of being interested in something, you will naturally get necessary information and can make new connections.
If you have an interest in something, you go out and get more friends and those people will give you local information. As much as possible participate in local events, go to culture centers, make friends and I think you will with become familiar with the area.

By having an unrestrained interest and trying something, that is how to widen your circle of friends. As well having an interest in the area and observing is a good form to learn.
From Rie's words and actions , it has taught us that not forgetting to be curious about our surroundings and being diligent makes life even more fun.
In the last and final installment, we ask Rie about her vision for Okinawa from here on.

Currently the make-up artist Rie Morimoto holds make-up lectures for average people in Okinawa.
This could be your only chance to learn make-up and the key to homemade cosmetics right from someone who was a make-up artist at the forefront of Tokyo and abroad!

●Natural Homemade Cosmetics Lecture Moisturizer Edition~Making Face Cream, Face Pack etc.
●Adult Skin finish "NUDIE" Make up Lecture
The way to make natural feeling skin that doesn't feel like foundation, Beauty skin make up~party make up、etc.
●Traveling make-up work

Rie Morimoto

Graduated from Tokyo Max Beauty College, then went to Paris, France to graduate from the Christian Chauveau's Technical School of Artistic Make-up at the top of her class.
After coming back to Japan she studied under the make-up artist YUKI.
Went to New York to work as an assistant to a famous make-up artist, and came back to Japan in 2004 and worked at FEMME management produce.
She did make-up for several magazines, fashion shows, celebrities from abroad and models.
From 2011, she relocated to Okinawa and now does make-up  counseling and guidance that connect the earth and the mind,
and conducts lectures on the healing effects of homemade cosmetics.

Rie Morimoto
Mobile #:080-5056-3006

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