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Dishes that Make Breakfast Fun Casually

post : 2017.05.05 18:00

Soft color and round shape. Dishes that are made under the theme of “morning” make the beginning of a day fun casually.

This is a shop called “guma guwa” on Tsuboya Yachimun (pottery) Street in Naha City. Variety of items are available at this shop, and this shop was derived from a pottery studio “Ikutouen” in Tsuboya. Potteries have been created at this studio for over 330 years.

Lovely dishes are available at the shop, and these are perfect for your first Tsuboya pottery.

They look like foreign-made fancy dishes! However, each of them is handmade, and artists made them by following the traditional technique of making Tsuboya pottery including making, baking, and dyeing. 

Everybody might be wondering “what is Tsuboya pottery?”
So, let me explain about it briefly.
Tsuboya pottery has more than 300 years of history, and it is the traditional craft which comes down from Ryukyu Dynasty era. By using materials of Okinawa, it has been created with the traditional technique from the ancient time.

Photo provided by: guma guwa

Elegant and girly type of Tsuboya pottery is available at guma guwa.

Materials and technique are the same from the ancient time, and they gave a twist to the shapes of dishes and the traditional pattern.

This is “chrysanthemum pattern,” and it is one of the auspicious patterns. It has a meaning of “the blessing of sunshine” and “cure disease.” It might make you happy just by using it.

And, all dishes are made smaller than the regular sizes. These are perfect for singles, unmarried couples who live together, and newly-weds.

Glass items, wooden spoons, and other items are also available at guma guwa for customers to start their new lives. Especially, glass items are ordering from a Ryukyu glass studio “Glass Art Ai” in Nago City. 

Every items at guma guwa make everybody want to buy all of them♡ These are good for souvenirs and treats for ourselves as well.

guma guwa means “small and cute” in Okinawan dialect. As its perfect name indicates, every small and cute dishes welcome each of you.


guma guwa
Address: 1-16-21 Tsuboya, Naha City
Tel: 098-911-5361
Business Hours: 10:30-18:30
Closed: open throughout the year


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akari Matsumura