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Enjoy great hospitality and a cool island breeze at a comfortable inn, Matatabiya in Miyako Island

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How would you enjoy your trip in Okinawa? Well, that depends on what you’re into. It might be diving, strolling, cultural explorations, visiting war sites and so on. Just imagining your trip is fun to do. That’s part of the reason people can’t stop traveling.

For me, the excitement keeps growing until the day I leave home, or when the airplane lands. Once my trip begins, I leave daily hassles behind and indulge in my vacation in Okinawa. Everything here seems new to me.

Where you stay helps affects your experience especially in terms of the satisfaction. Your choice of accommodation is as important to your trip as the food you eat.


There is a great inn in Miyako Island for you if being away from people and the daily grind is what you want in a trip.

The inn opened in November, 2016. It is located in a small village, up on a hill surrounded by sugarcane fields. This inn and its location remind me of a fairy tale called “Tsunfugu.”

Takayuki and Miyuki Watanabe who moved to Miyako Island from Tokyo own this inn, “Matatabiya.” The simple, square, two-story white building features four guest rooms and a dining bar.

Two red, blue and yellow twin bedrooms and one green double bedroom are available. The solid wood floor is beautiful with natural grain that feels great on bare feet. The bathroom is lined with mosaic tiles and you can see the sugarcane field from the window.

Each room is equipped with books related to matatabi (Actinidia) plants are on the shelves and 125 themed pencils are set on the wall rack. Each pencil has a poetic name with attached reading. One of them reads, “If you prefer this color you hold a tiny dream inside. Once the dream comes true, you’ll have another one. People around you appreciate your friendly personality."

There are no TVs in the rooms, instead, there is a CD player with Bluetooth. Since the inn is located in a quiet area, try listening to the natural music played by insects or birds instead of suffering from traffic noises. Go up to the rooftop and you can forget about the clock and enjoy star-gazing from a hammock.


If you prefer a relaxing vacation to a busy one, Matatabiya is a great choice. Also really appealing are conversations with the Watanabes and Miyuki’s cooking.

As much as possible, Miyuki uses local ingredients in her cooking. Local albacore carpaccio, homemade chicken ham made with chicken from Miyakokko farm and herbs from their own garden in the spring tastes great. The buds of dragon fruit flowers are served in May and June. Vegetable quiche, spareribs and pasta dishes are served after appetizers.

If you stay for a while, you will be served Western and Japanese dinners on alternate days. On Western breakfast mornings, ham and cheese, french toast, salad, soup, yogurt and seasonal fruits are served. On a Japanese breakfast morning, local ferns, sautéed local fish, island vegetables namul, mozuku seaweeds, island tofu salad and Miyako miso soup are served. You can eat your fill of great food made with local ingredients every day.


The Watanabes lived on Miyako Island for three years before starting the inn. And after three month searching for a location, they finally found their place. I asked them what made them choose this location.

“This area is right in the middle of sugarcane field and away from the populated village. Birds are singing all day long,” said Miyuki. “I’m assuming that the area will remain for long time. Also, we fell in love with the huge banyan tree,” she said. There is no ocean view, but it’s only a 10-minute drive to Yonahamaehama beach.

Takayuki is a certified sommelier, he has a good taste in music and he even designed the curtains and wood deck. He is handy and reliable – picky about certain things but not pushy. Miyuki has a great smile, is positive, cheerful and a great conversationalist.

As they were once bartenders, they both know about alcohol well and will make a perfect drink on request. Of course, they make non-alcoholic drinks as well. Just imagine relaxing in a hammock with your favorite drink and enjoying sunset before dinner.


Matatabiya means mata (again) and tabi (trip) ya (inn). True to its name, stay with them once and you are sure to want to visit again.


Address: 800-37 Kawamitsu, Miyakojima City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-76-4161
Open all year

Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Noriya Fukuda