Okinawa Tourism Information:“Mehmichi,”theRestaurantinGinowanCityServesDeliciousRiceBall

“Mehmichi,” the Restaurant in Ginowan City Serves Delicious Rice Ball

post : 2017.05.15 18:00

This time, I would like to introduce a restaurant in Central Okinawa. “Mehmichi” is a restaurant which is located in a quiet residential area of Oyama, Ginowan City.

Rice balls that are almost as big as a palm hand, well-cooked vegetables dishes, and western food are served here.

The most popular dish of this restaurant is rice ball. The reason why Ike, the manager, opened this restaurant was because she learned about a woman named Hatsume Sato. She had taught how important to eat food physically and mentally, and rice balls that she made was very much known. 

20% polished brown rice which is produced in Kyoto, organic lentil, quinoa, and pilled millet produced in Tonaki Island are mixed up to make rice balls at Mehmichi. After she gets order from customers, she makes it one by one. 

Rice ball with goya (bitter melon) & miso paste

Ike puts steaming hot rice on a cutting board flatly, and adds a lot of ingredients on it. She makes rice balls tenderly and carefully to make sure that ingredients do not spill out.

There are more than 10 different kinds of flavors for the rice balls including goya & miso paste, nigana (scientific name: Crepidiastrum lanceolatum) leaves, gurukun fish (Double-lined fusilier), salted kelp, and other Okinawan ingredients. Especially, goya & miso paste is recommended. Sweet miso paste and bitter goya go well together.

And, there is a combo that I want every customer to order when you visit Mehmichi. The combo is called “Omusubi Gohan,” and it is served with seasonal vegetables, rice balls, soup, and dessert.

Chemical seasoning or additives are not used to cook these beautifully served seasonal vegetables, and they are used to the fullest to make them very delicious.

Also, a soup called “kachu-yu” comes with the combo. It is a simple soup which added dried bonito flakes into hot water, and it is one of dishes that Okinawan mothers make when family members get sick.

“For family to have a delicious meal together,” western food is also served here. Sauteed Suchika (Okinawan salt pork, the traditional Okinawan cuisine) comes with spicy sauce, and it is popular among young customers and male customers.

And, why don’t you have a lemon cake for a dessert? Okinawan-produced organic lemon is used for the cake, and its moisture texture and nice & sour taste can be addictive♪

The name of the restaurant “Mehmichi” means “a road in front of you” or “the road to rice” in Okinawan dialect.

“Everybody has their roads to follow. Whenever they are fine, tired, or hurt, I want them to have delicious meal and recover. I am hoping to help them to move forward.”

Ike told me so.

To make sure that each grain of rice can breathe and support people’s lives. That is why Ike values to “make rice balls with her hands.”


Address: 2-6-5 Oyama, Ginowan City
Tel: 090-8292-7168
Business Hours: Wed – Sat 12:00 – 20:00
                   Sun 12:00 - 16:00
Closed: Mon & Tue (closed during Obon and New Year holidays)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akari Matsumura