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Serial/Moving to Okinawa ② "Make-up Artist" Rie Morimoto's Case 4/4

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Rie Morimoto graduated from a famous French cosmetology school at the top of her class, worked in New York and was a make-up artist for trendy magazines, actresses and celebrities in Tokyo.

After the earthquake, when she was at the forefront of her industry, she moved to Okinawa and started a completely different life.
We will tell her story in four parts.
In this final installment, we asked about her life in Okinawa from now on.

This is your third year here, do you plan on staying in Okinawa forever?

Morimoto: At first, based on my husband's work, I thought we would move to Europe, but having to move suddenly because of the earthquake, it felt like we'd move to Okinawa for a while.

But the friendliness of the people of Okinawa and the wondrous, beautiful nature, it became really comfortable to live here. Rather than moving abroad to start a new life, I started to think I wanted to lay down roots here. I thought I should buy some land and build a house, so I bought some land. I am in the middle of planning but decided to become a permanent resident (laughs).

(The land for the new house)

You have already bought land!?
But after living in Okinawa, it makes you not want to leave.
I also came not prepared to but might become a permanent resident.
So when is the new house planned to be finished?

(The vast land in front of the new house, planned to be rented for farming)

Morimoto: The groundbreaking probably can't take place for another half a year.
My husband comes and goes between Okinawa and Tokyo, so it is somewhat difficult to make time to prepare.
It will probably be complete in two years.
As much as possible, I would like to participate in the process, like in painting the walls and making the plumbing using natural materials from Okinawa, and make my home look as hand-built as possible. But that takes time.

(The pottery in the center was made by Rie. The drawings were also by Rie.)

Not only make-up and sundries, you also want part of your house to be handmade. That is amazing!
Was the start of this kind of thought the influence of your friends here?

Morimoto: I guess so, there are no professional builders in my circle of friends but about three of them built their own houses, so I was impacted by them.
As well as the rice, vegetables and eggs that I eat everyday,  miso, tofu, natto, salt,  the things for dyeing clothes to pottery and soap and a lot of other things in Okinawa are made by making something from something else by yourself, so I have fun being taught how to do that.

There are certainly a lot of people whose mentality is based in DIY.
In conclusion, how did you feel relocating to Okinawa?   

Morimoto: That is spot on!
Since coming to Okinawa my world has really opened up, it is fulfilling.
It feels like learning about life all over again.
In regard to the new house, I want to call friends over from outside of the prefecture too, pick from the field, make pizza in a wood-burning stove, cook rice in earthenware and have that experience together with them.
I want to show the wonderfulness of Okinawa to a lot of people.
And those friends even if they don't want to migrate to Okinawa, it would be great if they want to come to visit from time to time.

(Rie has gathered various plant seeds here)

After being at the forefront of her industry in Tokyo, since coming to Okinawa Rie has experienced a lot and her lifestyle has radically changed. Unafraid of change, absorbing both things she was interested in and new things, in addition to her life she has taken notice of many things and has probably given guidance on a great way to live in a new land.

2011 March: Tohoku earthquake happened. Starts thinking of moving to Okinawa.
         August: Moves from Setagaya to Nanjo.
2011 October: Rents land, starts farming.
2012 March: Starts giving make-up lessons in Okinawa.
2013 December: Ends her work in Tokyo, starts doing make-up professionally in Okinawa.
2014 January: Buys land in the south to build a house.
2015: Completion of new house?

Currently the make-up artist Rie Morimoto holds make-up lectures for average people in Okinawa.
This could be your only chance to learn make-up and the key to homemade cosmetics right from someone who was a make-up artist at the forefront of Tokyo and abroad!

●Natural Homemade Cosmetics Lecture Moisturizer Edition~Making Face Cream, Face Pack etc.
●Adult Skin finish "NUDIE" Make up Lecture
The way to make natural feeling skin that doesn't feel like foundation, Beauty skin make up~party make up、etc.
●Traveling make-up work

Rie Morimoto

Graduated from Tokyo Max Beauty College, then went to Paris, France to graduate from the Christian Chauveau's Technical School of Artistic Make-up at the top of her class.
After coming back to Japan she studied under the make-up artist YUKI.
Went to New York to work as an assistant to a famous make-up artist, and came back to Japan in 2004 and worked at FEMME management produce.
She did make-up for several magazines, fashion shows, celebrities from abroad and models.
From 2011, she relocated to Okinawa and now does make-up  counseling and guidance that connect the earth and the mind,
and conducts lectures on the healing effects of homemade cosmetics.

Rie Morimoto
Mobile #:080-5056-3006

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